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Students are busy preparing for mid-terms and Regents exams this month.  The end of the marking period is January 27th.  Due to Regents exams,  school will not be in session for high school students  between January 24th and 27th.  BOCES students will still attend their programs.  I have attached a link for a 15 minute video titled, "What is wrong with Millenials".  It is an informative video that may make a difference in how we all view the way this group functions.  I would love to hear your thoughts after viewing the video, 
Many of our recent graduates are finding a great deal of success in their college careers.  The Saugerties Merit Page link I have attached showcases their success.  Feel free to visit this page to see how our Saugerties students are doing after leaving our school. 
Stay warm during this cold time of year.   

Principal - Mr. Thomas J. Averill

Secretary -Kimberly Keefe
Assistant Principal 11th & 12th Grade - Mr. Fred Hirsch
Secretary - Maureen Rothe
Assistant Principal 9th & 10th - Lee Molyneaux
Secretary - Joan Jensen
Athletic Director - Mr. Dom Zarrella
Secretary - Virginia Craft Nilssen

Student Start and Ending Time: 7:45 AM - 2:08 PM
Student Start and Ending Time for Scheduled Half-Day's of School:  7:45 AM - 10:13 AM