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    Mrs. Mauro
    By now, you may have heard about a different grading system for the last marking period this year. We are now supposed to grade you on a 1, 2, 3, 4 scale. While you may receive one of these numbers on your report card, I will still be recording traditional grades in Schoology. Your grade on Schoology will translate to the following values on your report card:

    1- Grade is below a 65%
    2- Meets minimal requirement (65-74%)
    3- Satisfactory (75-89% average)
    4- Exceptional work (above a 90% average)

    Your grades for this marking period will translate to two different options for you. I will use the option that makes your grade higher.

    Option 1
    If your average for this quarter raises your overall average for the course, I will make adjustments so that your final average will be the same as it would be with the fourth quarter grade.

    Option 2
    You will receive "bonus points" on a different marking period (since the 4th one does not count). The points will be assigned as follows:
    90-100 (+ 3 points on a previous quarter)
    75-89 (+ 2 points on a previous quarter)
    65-74 (+ 1 point on a previous quarter)

    (This optional will probably help students who have been doing the work but getting similar grades to what they usually do in class)

    It seems as though there is a change coming our way each day!  Thank you for hanging in there!

    Students are no longer required to take a regents exam in Algebra this year.  They need to continue to try their best for the fourth marking period!  More guidance will come as to any final assessments for the year.  I will update this page once a plan has been made.  As a parent myself, please know that I understand how stressful distance learning is.  If there is anything that I can do to help ease the burden, please let me know.


    Delta Math:

    Beginning March 30, my students should log into deltamath.com to complete assignments.  I like this program because I can choose specific topics for students to work on.  Once they have set up an account linked to me, they can begin working on assignments.  I have set a specific number of questions that students must get correct to receive full credit.  Once they do that, they have a 100 for the assignment.

    One of the great things about Delta Math is that if a student gets and answer wrong, there is an explanation that follows.  Then they try again.  I have purchased an upgrade to this program that also allows students to clink on a watch video link if they have forgotten some of the review material.

    Students can also work on review outside of my assignments.  They can click on any link, and the program will take them to practice problems.

    I think that there is a calculator option on the top, right part of the screen if a student needs it.

    Steps to get a delta math account:

    1. Go to deltamath.com

    2. Click "Create an Account"  then "Student"

    3. Type in the following teacher code: 169632

    4. After typing in the code, you may create an account. For privacy purposes, please do not use your full name or email.  I sent a message on students' Schoology program and through Google Classroom to provide steps to change their information.

    5. Select your specific class period from the dropdown menu.



    Keeping in touch

    You have my email: kmauro@saugerties.k12.ny.us

    All students should be checking Schoology on a regular basis to look at the discussion board.  (saugertiescsd.schoology.com - access using with google login and password) Parents can access Schoology as well - email me for an access code if you would like).

    Algebra 2 students can sign up for Remind.

    Algebra 1 Calendar Algebra 1 Calendar - check back for changes

    Algebra 2 Calendar: Algebra 2 Distance Learning Schedule 


    Google information meeting sessions: These are not mandatory.  It is an opportunity for students and parents to ask questions in real time.

    10:00 - Algebra 1 information session, link meet.google.com/spm-vxpa-xwa

    11:00 - Algebra 2 information session, link meet.google.com/fpx-xpns-rra


    Office Hours

    I frequently check my email and Remind messasges throughout the day and night.  If you would like an immediate response from me, I will be availabe from 8am-9am, Monday - Friday.

    I'd love to hear from you!


    I check my voicemail each morning around 7am.  If you leave a message after that, I will not get it until the next day.  I will then return your call.  If you require a more immediate response, please send me an email.
    To access grades at any time, go to https://saugertiescsd.schoology.com.  If you have not created an account yet, please email me for further information.
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