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    Monday - Friday @ 7 AM - 7:45 AM, 2 PM - 2:45 PM*, or by appointment
    Unavailable Wed. 12:30 to 1:30 and Fri. 8 to 9 due to meetings
    * ends at 2:08 prior to Holiday or Weekends

    I will do my best to respond in a timely way throughout the day, but am dedicating those times for student/parent communication. 
    ALL STUDENTS: Newest posts at top - be sure to continue down the page . My most sincere gratitude for your patience and understanding during this challenging transition!
    April 9, 2020 - I am transitioning over to Google Classroom, expecting to be totally moved over by Friday 4/10. Students have all been sent invitations to join their class via their school email account.
    April 1st - today, join the applicable Google Classroom & Sight Reading Factory (instructions below & on your assignment pages - do not join the 5 day free trial, join my account). Some students are having issues with SRF - I don't know if it doesn't work so well on their phones or if there are other issues. I may need to call the company soon & would like to address all problems in that one call. And please record your attempt on their site! Many thanks! 
    Taking the plunge... Google Classroom! - 3/29/20 @ 1:15 PM
    If I can figure out how to link to all your emails, you will get the codes in your inbox.... Being the technical wizard that I am, it might be more efficient for you to join on your own! Thanks! There is an easy quiz awaiting you...
    7th Grade Mixed Chorus, all sections # 65r3hbf
    8th & 9th Chorale # 77wnnec
    SH Band, all sections # pt2jzz5
    Again, thanks for your patience and for checking in! 
    Sat. 3/28/20 9:22 AM - All students! If you have not yet signed up on Sight Reading Factory, or contacted me in the last 2 weeks, PLEASE send me an email (mtrees@saugerties.k12.ny.us) by Monday AM. I need to make sure you are all seeing what I am posting here & have access to YouTube, Sight Reading Factory, etc. and have your instruments at home... Tell me if you are having difficulty - but most importantly, CONTACT me! If I do not hear from you by then, I will be calling, emailing, etc. Please tell your friends... THANK YOU very much!
    Tuesday 3/31: Instrument pick-up!
    If you didn't take your instrument home, report to the HS on Tuesday 3/31 from 7:30 to 2:30. A music teacher will be on duty & will meet you at the back doors (the Emergency Exits, near the Chorus Room entrance. You cannot enter the building from our wing, please wait outside.) While maintaining the appropriate 6' physical distance at all times, that teacher will retrieve your instrument. I would appreciate a heads up via email before Tuesday! Thanks! Posted on 3/26 at 8:20 PM
    Welcome SH Band, 8th & 9th Chorale & 7th Grade Mixed Chorus students! Thanks for checking in.... I will post newest info first, so read down. General info is here. For info & assignments specific to your group, go to your group's pages. Those pages can be accessed by clicking on tabs on your left, or click on "Pages" icon upper left, depending on what device you are using. Any problems, alert me ASAP!
    All Mrs. Trees' students, if you have not signed up for Sight Reading Factory, do it now.... instructions below

    I sent a request to "Sight Reading Factory" to activate student accounts. We have a 3 month free usage and the clock is ticking: our Student Code is argp32

    Mrs. Trees' students can follow these steps to activate or renew a subscription using your new student code: argp32do this NOW!

    If a student is activating a SRF account for the first time:
    Go to SightReadingFactory.com/student.
    Enter the student code provided by the instructor in the Student Code field.
    Select the appropriate age group.
    Complete the registration information.

    3/20/20 - all NYSSMA Festivals are canceled.... therefore no Solo & Small Ensemble on 4/24 & 4/25 and no Majors on 6/8 (Band Clinic on 5/26 is off the books too)
    As of 3/19, The Metropolitan Opera canceled the rest of its season. I am heartbroken that our trip is off & will get working on getting refunds. The 2020 - 2021 Season is posted, and will start looking at that. In the meantime, they are livestreaming productions. Go to metopera.org for info. If Turandot is in the line-up, I will alert you.  :(
    All County Band Festival is canceled and there are no plans to reschedule at this point. I am so sorry. I am so proud of you & your hard work!
    Tell friends that don't have internet - Spectrum has a temporary free offer for non-subscriber students! They should call 844-488-8395

    7th Grade Mixed Chorus, 8th & 9th Grade Chorale and Senior High Band:

    music packets were made available & distributed for home use. Check your group's "Assignments" page, look for it on the left, and be prepared to email recordings, etc. All school gmail accounts, even JH, are activated for use for this purpose. Let me know if you have issues.

    ALL groups will have assignments at SightReadingFactory.com . Directions for log-in are on your group's Assignments page! Please sign up now to make sure we are up & running. For now, you can get in & practice. Our free 3 mo. trial expires on 6/14 so take advantage of this generous offer. Your feedback is most welcome!


    "In Tune" Magazine student edition link, free, no sign up necessary: https://bluetoad.com/publication/?m=61742&i=653301&p=0


    Coming attractions: SH Band will perform Nessun Dorma, from Puccini's "Turandot", with a special guest at the May 14, 2020 concert...
    Graduation is 6/27/20 - Mandatory Performance Obligation! Report to Band Room, ready to play by 9:20 AM. For more details as we get closer, find my Graduation Letter to be posted on this webpage. Hard copies will be mailed to your homes the week prior.
     All members of SH Band need a copy of the Rubank Advanced Volume 1 Method Book for their instrument. 
    For information on All-County Festivals/Auditions with regard to delays or cancellations, please go to:
     2019 to 2020 Concert Dates are here! Link is on your left....
    Concert time - 7 PM !!!!!
    All Bands - Junior & Senior High instrumental groups, all perform the same evening, starting at 7 PM!
    All Choirs - Junior & Senior High vocal groups, all perform the same evening, beginning at 7 PM.
    Contact information:
    Voice mail: 6749
    Ext. 4783
    High School Fax number 845-246-4312

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