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     The Board of Education wants to ensure that the transportation services provided to the students of the district be efficient, safe and secure.

    This booklet encompasses rules, regulations and policies which have been adopted by the Board of Education. It is our hope that you will familiarize yourself with its contents and help support our goal of safe and efficient transportation.







    1.      Respect the property of others while waiting for the school bus or on the way to and from the school bus stop.


    2.      Always cross the highway in front of the stopped school

    bus a minimum of ten feet in order to be in the vision of the school bus driver and check with driver for final approval.


    3.      Punctuality is important. Arrive on time at your school bus stop.


    4.      Observe all safety precautions while waiting for the school bus:


    ·        Do not play in the road.


    ·        If possible, avoid crossing streets. If it becomes necessary to cross a street, look both ways and cross only if you are sure that no moving vehicles are approaching from either direction.


    ·        Do not push, pull, or chase any other students.


    ·        Avoid trespassing on private property.


    ·        Do not use improper language or verbally tease and fight with other students.


    5.      As your school bus approaches, line up at least six feet off  the highway or curb, and do not approach the school bus until it has stopped and the driver has opened the door. Again, avoid pushing others in line.






    When school buses are loading or unloading


    Required by New York State Law


    Protect Our Children






    1.       Students transported in a school bus are under the authority of  and directly responsible to the driver of the school bus. Students are to obey any directions given by the driver.


    2.       The use of loud, boisterous or improper language is



    3.  Be respectful of other students. Do not bully, tease or fight with others.                                       


    4.       Students are to remain in their seats until they arrive at their home or at the school.


    5.       Defacing the school bus in any way is prohibited and students will be held responsible financially for all damages.


    6.       Smoking is prohibited at all times.



    YOU CAN HOLD IN YOUR LAP. Gym bags, lunch boxes, and other objects may not be placed in the aisle or under the dash of the school bus. Large musical instruments are not permitted on school buses and parents will be required to make special arrangements. Hazardous items and glass products are prohibited.


    8.       Enter and leave the school bus in an orderly manner and only when the door is fully opened.


    9.       The consumption of food or beverages on the school bus is prohibited.


    10.   Do not extend any part of your body out of the window.


    11.   Do not throw anything within the school bus or in or out

    of the window.


    12.   Keep your hands off of other students and their property.


    13.   Do not do anything to distract the driver.


    14.   Do not touch emergency equipment, levers or buzzers.


    You may also sign on to the district’s website at:

    www.saugerties.k12.ny.us for additional information.






    Parents have an important role to play in the safe and efficient operation of the school’s transportation system. If the system is to function effectively, parents must assume an obligation to the program and to the people responsible for its operation.


    The following is a list of suggestions that will aid in the achievement of this goal:


    1.       To recognize that the job of the school bus driver is a

    difficult and important one in that the health and safety of students carries with it great responsibility.


    2.       To instill in their children the need for good behavior

    while waiting for and riding on the school bus.


    3.       To notify the Transportation Office of any incidents that

    occur that they believe to be hazardous.


    4.       To see to it that their children arrive at the school bus

    stop on time and properly clothed.


    5.       To cooperate with the Building Principal and Driver, if

    the occasion arises, where their child is being disciplined.



    RETURNED TO HOME. Kindergarten students not met by a parent or designated adult will be returned to school.





    In case of early closing of schools due to weather or other emergencies, notice will be given to parents as soon as possible, via radio and television stations, and will be posted on the District website at www.saugerties.k12.ny.us


    Initial closings and delays will be posted by 6:00 a.m. In the event that a delay becomes a closing, this information will be posted by 8:30  a.m. The District uses the following radio and television stations:


      WGHQ  920                  WRWD  107.3         WBPM  94.3

      WKIP  1450                  WBWZ  93.3           WKNY  1490

      WPDH 101.5                 WDST  100.1          WRVE

      WEOK  1390                 WCTW  .5               WHUD  100.7

      WSPK  104.7                 WBNR  1260          WLNA  1420

      WRGB CHANNEL 6         WGY  810               WNYT TV

      WRNN CHANNEL 18       NEWSTALK 13        WGFM  99.5




    Any infraction of the rules that endangers the well-being of other students or driver will be dealt with in the following manner:




    First Offense: Review of safety procedures by Principal with student. Send referral home for parent support with child –possibly assign seat.


    Second Offense: Detention (lunch or after school); parent conference; assign seat; referral sent home to parent; possible suspension of one to five days.


    Third Offense: Detentions (more than one night); parent conference; referral goes home; possible suspension one to ten days.


    NOTE: All disciplinary actions depend upon the severity of each circumstance, child’s history of referrals that year, and the developmental stage of the child. More severe consequences may be imposed if appropriate.  





    First Offense: Smoking, Fighting, Destruction of Property, Throwing of Objects and Challenging the authority of the driver will result in an automatic suspension of bus privileges for a five (5) day period of time. The Principal will notify the parent or guardian of the incident and may arrange for a parental conference prior to the restoration of bus privileges. It is suggested that the driver be in attendance at the time of the conference.


    Second Offense: In the event that one of the above violations were to occur again, a thirty (30) day suspension of privileges would go into effect with a similar parental conference being scheduled.


    Third Offense: A loss of bus privileges would be invoked for the remainder of that school year.

    It is recognized that other violations may occur which do not result in automatic loss of bus privileges, but left unattended could develop into patterns of undesirable behavior. The following procedure will be followed in these cases:


    First Offense: Bus driver will issue instructions to the students as to the proper behavior required.


    Second Offense: A School Bus Incident report to Parents will be issued and the Principal will take disciplinary action, i.e. detention, compositions, verbal reprimand, parental conference, etc.


    Third Offense: Repeated violations will result in short-term suspensions and ultimately a loss of bus privileges for the school year, in the event the violation continues.








    Transportation Department



    Principal, Senior High School



    Principal, Junior High School



    Principal, Cahill Elementary School



    Principal, Riccardi Elementary School



    Principal, Grant D, Morse Elementary School



    Principal, Mt. Marion Elementary School




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