Saugerties Central School District

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District Offices
Tel: (845) 247-6500
Fax: (845) 246-8364
Superintendent of Schools:
Mr. Seth Turner 
Secretary: Pam Murphy
Tel: (845) 247-6500
Fax: (845) 246-8364
Assistant Superintendent of Schools:
Mr. Lawrence R. Mautone
Title IX Compliance Officer
Administrative Assistant: Geri Gardner
Business Office
Tel: (845) 247-6520
Fax: (845) 246-7126
Business Administrator :  Lissa Jilek 
District Treasurer: Nanette Weeks

Administrative Aide:
Carol Taylor Vertetis

Payroll/Benefits: Crystal Subeh

Accounts Payable: Cathy Snoddy

District Clerk: Sherry Francello

Buildings and Grounds
Tel: (845) 247-6500
Fax: (845) 246-7126
Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds:
Administrative Assistant:
Carol Petramale
Head Custodian
Tel: (845) 247-6677
Head Custodian of All Buildings
Mike LaTourette
Tel: (845) 247-6500
Fax: (845) 246-1096
Athletic Director: Dominic Zarrella

Secretary: Virginia Craft Nilssen
Food Services
Tel: (845) 247-6500
Fax: (845) 246-2036
Cafeteria Manager: Sheila Melville
Tel: (845) 247-6500
Fax: (845) 246-8553
Director of Special Education: Susan Gage


Tel: (845) 247-6500
Fax: (845) 246-7126

Transportation and Child Care Policy

Head Bus Driver: Larry Swart

Administrative Assistant:
Carol Petramale


Tel: (845)247-6650 Fax: (845) 246-8364
Principal: Tom Averill
Asst. Principal: Fred Hirsch
Asst. Principal of 9/10th Grade & Director of Physical Education:
Lee Molyneaux
Secretary: Kimberly Keefe/Maureen Rothe
Tel: (845) 247-6560
Fax: (845) 246-4322
Principal: Tom Averill
Asst. Principal: Ginger Vail
Secretary: Karen Lambert
Tel: (845) 247-6800
Fax: (845) 246-4302
Principal: Dawn Scannapieco
Secretary: Diana Thompson 
Tel: (845) 247-6960
Fax: (845)246-4184
Principal: Don Dieckmann
Secretary: Debra Landell
Tel: (845) 247-6920
Fax: (845)246-4103
Principal:  Mrs. Carole Kelder
Secretary: Karen Krzywonos
Tel: (845) 247-6870
Fax: (845)246-2582
Principal: Sue Osterhoudt
Secretary: Allie Meier


Contact Information for individual teachers can be found by clicking on the teacher name on the school's homepage.


Last Modified on March 12, 2017