•   Steve Buonfiglio
    Physical Education Teacher - Riccardi & Grant D. Morse Elementary Schools
    Head Coach - Varsity Cross Country, Track
      E-mail - sbuonfiglio@saugerties.k12.ny.us

    Riccardi Phone - 845-247-7760






    Tally ‘Em Up

    Report card grades will be coming out soon.   Grades reflect participation in each student’s Physical Education Google Classroom.   This is made up of the Activity/Challenges of the Day and Question of the Day on PE days, as well as weekly Activity Logs.   Submitting all or a majority of assignments will reflect a better grade.  Students who had live PE when we were in hybrid mode, of course will have that participation taken into account when determining a grade.  It has been a challenging quarter for everyone and many students have done very well under the circumstances.    For older classes, we have recently been working on basketball (remotely) and during the second quarter when we were live, continued with our Box Soccer and a variety of soccer activities.   The younger classes did a lot of ball play and movement when outside and while remote we worked on bowling , stepping with the opposite foot, obstacle courses, movement challenges and scavenger hunts.


    What will February bring?   Being prepared to be outside and inside.

    We hope to do some Basketball, Fitness work, Volleyball skills, Obstacle Courses, and create some new outdoor games.  Bring sneakers and a warm coat, mittens or gloves and hat.   Of course we will not forget Valentine's Day - and we'll do all we can to get all the hearts beating strong . . . and hopefully love doing it!



    Remember, all classes have P.E. every other day.  We recommend packing sneakers in a backpack or leaving them in the school classroom.  We want everyone active, healthy, and engaged. 


    Coach B.         

Last Modified on February 8, 2021