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    If you need to reach us, you can send me an e-mail and if you need to talk to me, we can arrange a time on Wednesdays, unless another day is needed.

    Welcome to Physical Education I am Coach Suttmeier

    Grading for home instruction will be based on responding to our question of the day for attendance as well as watching the video and participating.  You will also need to fill out a weekly activity log with the goal of reaching the New York State required 120 minutes of activity each week.  You can supplement our videos with your own activity.


       Coach’s Corner 

                                    March 2021

    With Spring approaching there are some local sporting activities your child may be interested in.

    If need be, there are usually scholarships available if you inquire.

    www.saugertieslittleleague.org K-6 for baseball/teeball/softball

    ww.ayso595.org K-6 for soccer

    www.SaugertiesLacrosse.org K-6 for lacrosse


    In school, we will continue with activities using individual equipment and fitness. Depending on the weather and outdoor conditions, we still would like to get outside each day for some of the class. We will get ready for the Leprechauns with some St. Patrick’s games and as the Mets and Yanks are in Spring Training, we will join them . . . Well, sort of, meaning we will do some work to stay in shape and some baseball/softball work. We, of course, will have March Madness - madness is everywhere these days anyway - but ours will be some type of  basketball and volleyball games. Madness is not always bad!


    Continue to keep up with the weekly Activity Logs and Challenges of the Day.    


    Thank you for your help throughout this year!

Last Modified on March 5, 2021