• Dear Parents/Guardians and Community Members of Saugerties:

    The Saugerties Central School District is pleased to announce that we have received additional grant money and are able to offer two additional four-year old classrooms that will open in January of 2019. There will be one classroom in Riccardi and an addtional classroom at Mt. Marion. 

    The registration period will be open from December 17, 2018 – December 31, 2018. Registration packets will be available online (www.saugerties.k12.ny.us) beginning December 11, 2018. Packets will also be available in each elementary school’s main office and in the District Office. We will continue to accept registration packets after December 31, 2018, however, these students will be placed on a waiting list if all available spots have been filled by that time.

    Our goal is to offer Pre-Kindergarten to as many four-year-olds in the district as would like to attend! The additional funding will now allow us to offer 80 spots to Saugerties four-year olds.

    While the original purpose of this grant was to increase the availability of high quality Pre-Kindergarten placements for high need children in our district – those students who are: Economically Disadvantaged, English Language Learners, and/or Children with Special Needs, we would like to make the program available to all!! Those aforementioned students will still receive preference, however, we do anticipate that there will be many spots open to students that may not fit those criteria. Those spots will be determined by lottery.

    If you have any questions please call Larry Mautone, Interim Superintendent, at 247-6503.