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    ACRONYM               DESCRIPTION                    

    ADA                           Americans with Disabilities Act

    ADD/ADHD             Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

    ADL                            Activities of Daily Living

    AE                               Age Equivalent

    AIS                              Academic Intervention Services

    AIT                              Academic Intervention Team

    AP                               Advanced Placement

    APE                            Adaptive Physical Education

    AR                              Annual Review

    ASD                            Autistic Spectrum Disorder

    ASHA                         American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

    ASL                             American Sign Language

    AT                               Assistive Technology

    AU                              Autism

    AYP                            Adequate Yearly Progress

    BIP                              Behavior Intervention Plan

    BOCES                       Board of Cooperative Educational Services

    BOE                            Board of Education

    CAPD                         Central Auditory Processing Disorder

    CCS                             Coordinated Children’s Services

    CDOS                         Career Development & Occupational Studies

    CHP                            Child Health Plus

    COTA                         Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

    CP                               Cerebral Palsy

    CPSE                           Committee on Pre-School Special Education

    CSE                             Committee on Special Education

    CT                               Consultant Teacher

    CTE                             Career & Technical Education

    DD                              Developmental Disabilities

    DDP4                         Developmental Disabilities Profile

    DOH                           Department of Health

    ECDC                          Early Childhood Direction Center

    ED                               Emotional Disability

    EI                                 Early Intervention

    ELA                             English Language Arts

    ELL                              English Language Learner

    ENL                             English As A New Language

    ERSS                           Educationally Related Support Services

    ESY                             Extended School Year

    FAPE                          Free Appropriate Public Education

    FAS                             Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    FBA                            Functional Behavioral Plan

    FERPA                       Free Educational Rights and Privacy Act

    504                             Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Public Law 93-112)

    GED                            General Equivalency Diploma

    IAES                           Interim Alternative Educational Setting

    ICT                              Indirect Consultant Teacher

    ID                                Intellectual Disability

    IDEIA                         Individuals With Disabilities Education Improvement Act

    IEE                              Independent Education Evaluation

    IEP                              Individualized Education Plan

    IESP                            Individual Education Service Program

    IFSP                            Individual Family Service Plan

    HI                                Hearing Impaired

    IH                                Impartial Hearing

    IHO                             Impartial Hearing Officer

    IQ                                Intelligence Quotient

    LD                               Learning Disability

    LEA                             Local Education Agency

    LEP                             Limited English Proficiency

    LOTE                          Language Other Than English

    LRE                             Least Restrictive Environment

    MAPS                          Management,Academic,Physical & Social (PLPS-Required Sections)

    MD                             Multiple Disabilities

    NCLB                          No Child Left Behind

    NYSAA                      New York State Alternate Assessment

    NYSED                       New York State Education Department

    OCR                            Office of Civil Rights

    ODD                           Oppositional Defiant Disorder

    OHI                             Other Health Impaired

    OI                                Orthopedic Impairment

    OMH                          Office of Mental Health

    O & M                       Orientation & Mobility

    OPWDD                    Office For People With Developmental Disabilities

    OT                               Occupational Therapy

    OTR                            Registered Occupational Therapy

    PDD                            Pervasive Developmental Disorder

    PLP                             Present Level of Performance

    PPS                             Pupil Personnel Services

    PT                               Physical Therapy

    PR                               Program Review

    PSWD                         Pre-Schooler With A Disability

    RCAL                          Resource Center for Accessible Living

    RCPC                          Rockland County Children’s Psychiatric Center

    RR                               Resource Room

    RS                               Related Service

    RTI                              Response To Intervention

    SAS                             Supplementary Aids & Services

    SDD                            Significant Developmental Delay

    Section 611                Spec. Ed. --- 3 – 21 yr. olds

    Section 619                Spec. Ed. --- 3 – 5 yr. olds

    SED                            State Education Department

    SEIT                           Special Education Itinerant Teacher

    SETRC                       Special Education Training Resource Center

    SLD                             Specific Learning Disability

    SLI                               Speech or Language Impaired

    SLP                             Speech/Language Pathologist

    SRO                            State Review Officer

    ST                                Speech Therapy

    STAC                          System for Tracking & Accounting of Children

    STO                            Short Term Objective

    SW                              Social Worker

    SWD                           Student With A Disability

    TASC                          GED - General Equivalency Diploma/Class at BOCES

    TBI                              Traumatic Brain Injury

    TDD/TTY                   Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf

    TOD                            Teacher of Deaf/Hard of Hearing

    USDE                          United States Department of Education

    VESID                         Office of Vocational & Educational Services For Individuals

                                         With Disabilities

    VI                                Visually Impaired

    VR                               Vocational Rehabilitation



    FSIQ                           Full Scale Intelligent Quotient

    GIA                             General Intellectual Ability

    MR                             Math Reasoning

    NO                              Numerical Operations

    PD                               Pseudo Word Decoding

    PR                               Perceptual Reasoning

    PS                               Processing Speed

    RC                               Reading Comprehension

    VC                               Verbal Comprehension

    WM                            Working Memory

    WR                             Word Reading

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