Book Hooks

  • Title: For What It’s Worth                                                                 

    For What It's Worth Author: Janet Tashjian

    Genre: Realistic Fiction (Historical Fiction?!)            

    It’s 1971 and 14 year old Quinn lives in Laurel Canyon, CA, the heart of the music scene. He is obsessed with music trivia and he also communicates through his Ouija board with recently deceased musicians Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin. But Quinn can no longer live in his musical bubble and ignore the outside world. The Vietnam War is raging, his sister Soosie leaves for college, his parents are separating and Quinn gets his first girlfriend, Caroline. Can Quinn help his sister’s draft dodger friend while still going out with Caroline whose brother is fighting in the war? This book will appeal to old-school music lovers who still like to rock the vinyl.

    Special features of this book: lots of lists of things like favorite album covers, anti-war songs, breakup songs, songs about ghosts and death, etc.; meticulously researched; tons of cool trivia about the musicians of the time like Jerry Garcia, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and many others

    Three words or phrases that best describe this book:

    • Leisurely pace
    • Event-oriented and setting-oriented plot
    • Realistic main character
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