9/5  first day class and lab, Hand out books, Assign homework Read p. 711-712 and p. 616 write down your own philosophy and explain.

    9/6  Go over assignment, Do now: Define environmental science, start ch.1 notes

    9/7 Do now: How do you deterimine if an ecosystem is healthy? indicators, Notes local and global indicators. Homework: Ch. 1 practice exam.

          Lab: Field trip to familiarize with sugar bush and sawyerkill


    9/11 go over homework

    9/12 finish going over free response question 2 from homework. Calculate ecological footprint using laptops

          Lab: review packet ch.1

    9/13 Do now: What are the 5 global indicators we use in environmental science. watch human footprint Nat Geo from youtube 10 min/each, watched updates on Hurricane Florence

    9/14 Test Ch.1

           Lab:  Math prep packet 1-12


    9/17 Go over test, Do now:  What are some properties of water that make it unique and/or so important to life on earth. Ch.2 notes

    9/18  Ch.2 notes, Demos water: paperclip/surface tension, bromthtmol blue and carbonic acid (using straw)

          Lab:  Math prep packet  13-27.

    9/19 Show and discuss Mono Lake documentary https://youtu.be/Cp4H3uXl1Lk  Also talked about owls and showed inside edition interview https://youtu.be/Nx2fkXHKoPE  Homework: read ch.2 sec2 and do review questions

    9/20  Do now: Write the 1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics, Go over homework, Do the math from ch2. 

         Lab:  Math prep packet 28-finish

    9/21 Finish notes (feedback loops), collect homework;  Measure your impact ch.2


    9/24 assembly

         Lab  ch.2 review packet

    9/25 Ch. 2 test

    9/26 Ch.3 notes, end period with students drawing a local food web, contest who can get the most species in their food web.

         LAb:  Track plates

    9/27 finish track plates (needed more graphite)

    9/28 movie planet earth

          Lab:  movie planet earth


    10/1 collect and discuss the PCB extra credit project. ch.3 notes

    10/2 show nitrogen cycle carton (link in notes), sketch nitrogen cycle.

        Lab: put out track plates

    10/3 use chromebooks to have kids sketch nitrogen cycle

    10/4 Go over Nitrogen cycle

        lab:Gather Track plates

    10/5 measure your impact ch3


    10/8 Columbus Day 

    10/9 water quality testing at the sawyerkill

           lab: sawyerkill

    10/10 finish ch.3 notes;  Assign ch.3 practice exam multiple choice and questin 1 (counting as test) due Friday

    10/11  Lighthouse

        Lab  Lighthouse

    10/12  watch hudon river PCB documentary on youtube


    10/15 Mark and recapture

           lab mark and recapture

    10/16 Day in the life of the Hudson River

    10/17 Ch.4 notes

          Lab:  Invasive species of Hudson River, using chromebooks choose 5 species from the list at https://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/50272.html for each one determine where it comes from and discuss 5 interesting facts about it.

    10/18 Canoe trip

    10/19: Recap Canoe trip vocab and lesson 

      Lab: Finish Ch.4 notes sectins 1 and 2


    10/22 Biome project

    10/23 Biome Project

           Lab: Biome project

    10/24 Biome Project

    10/25 Biome Project

      Lab: Biome project


    10/28 Presentations

    10/29 Presentations

        Lab: Presentation

    10/30 Presentations

    10/31  Presentations

           Lab: Presentations

    11/1 Presentations

    11/2 class and lab: specific heat capacity lab (fill dish to top with each material and figure out mass)


    11/5 Finish lab questins and graph;    homework: Ch. 4 Practice eaxam 1-13 and question 2 (will count as test grade)

    11/6 Conference day

    11/7 Ch. 5 notes



       Lab owl pellets


    11/12 veterans Day



      Lab: owl pellets

    11/15 ch5 notes

    11/16 snow day


    11/19 videos from notes

       Lab: hang up owl pellet displays

    11/20 finish ch. 5 notes, turkey vulture; homework due after Thanksgiving, ch.5 practice exam, mutiple choice and question 2

    11/21 Thanksgiving break

    read and discuss article from Conservationist; climate change impact on NY


    11/26 Go over homework, Measure your impact

       Lab: work on ch.5 review packet or NYS Deer managemtent video (link in notes)

    11/27 Test Ch.5

    11/28 Falling waters

       Lab falling waters

    11/29  I was absent (read ch.6 mod 18 and 19 and answer review questions)

    11/30 lighthouse

     lab lighthouse


    12/3  Ch.6 notes module 18

    12/4  Ch.6 notes module 19 and go over homework mod 18 and 19 review questions; homework-read module 20 and do review questions

    Lab:  Activity 6.3 Simulalting the Theory of Island Biogeography

    12/5 Finish Ch.6 notes, go over module 20 questions, hand out review packet.

    12/6 Test Ch.6

      Lab:  Flinn Duckweed Populatin Study

    12/7  Notes Ch.7Start Ch.7 Do now:

    • Do you think that countries should take measures to limit their population size? If so, what would the measures (enforcements) be?

        notes show youtube video clip on china


    12/10 Notes ch.7, homework Mod.22 review questions 1-5, practice exam free response question 2

    lab: Made ornaments with pipecleaners     Activity 7.1??????? ( didn't do)

    12/11  notes

    12/12 Do now:  Which has a greater ecological footprint, urban or rural? Spent period listing and discussing pros and cons.

    lab: borax ornaments

    12/13 notes ch.7, go over homework, Do Now:  why would death rates begin to rise in phase 4 ( older population, also affluence leads to poorer diet decisions; heart disease is the number one cause of death)

    12/14  test ch7

    lab: duckweed,   watch The World in 2050 (full period) video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeEYaX82jSE


    12/17 Start Ch. 8 notes

    12/18 Notes ch.8

       Lab 8.1 soil texture

    12/19 Do now: Define rock, mineral, ore    Finish notes, hand out review packet

    12/20 Test ch.8

        Lab: soil texture

    12/21  live Falcons


     Christmas Break


    1/2 Blue Gold; water wars movie 1hr 29min  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=megBMpB33jE

    1/3 start ch.9 notes 

    1/4  Do now: Missippi River has largest levee system in world. Define Levee, play Don Mclean, list pros and cons of levee system. (discussion took all period). discussed floodplain, sediments and nutrients from flooding onto floodplain. development encouraged with levees, asccidents/extreme weather events Katrina 2005 1,800 deaths, $80 billion in damage; floodwaters are forced downstream and problem is amplified. Sediments are forced downstream and deposited at mouth of river or delta http://mississippiriverdelta.org/our-coastal-crisis/wasted-sediment/

    Solutions: Should we be developing floodplain areas? Discuss Netherlands.

       Lab: finish notes ch.9  end of ch. exam mutiple choice and free response ques. 2 will count as test


    1/7  go over free response question 2 from ch 9, Julia Butterfly video start ch 10 notes

    1/8 two hr delay; Do now from power point ch 10 notes

        Lab: measure your impact ch.10

    1/9 notes ch.10, start modern marvels logging

    1/10 modern marvels logging

         Lab fiinish video;  ch9 measure your impact saving water


    1/14  Do Now: Based on a free response #2 from ch9 practice exam; Explain how dams and the prevention of seasonal flooding (flood control) can be a positive (humans) and negative (environment) impact.;  Finish ch.10 notes

         Lab: ch10 review packet

    1/15 Test ch. 10

    1/16  video: three little birds; Do now: How many people will die each day from starvation; 24,000;  Each year 8.8million; then have them list why? start notes ch.11

    Lab:  Go over extra credit assignment; Bears Ears and Escalante national monuments status/trump;  come up with questions for Reservoir trip.  Homework: define subsidy, research and explain how it works, opinion

               4 industries (assign 1 each)   forestry, oil and gas, agriculture, ethanol 

    1/17 Joel Salatin video, Notes ch.11

    1/18  2hr. delay snow; youtube: oganic vs inorganic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PmM6SUn7Es   Why meat is the best worst thing in the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxvQPzrg2Wg

      Lab youtube; How to build a dyson sphere https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP44EPBMb8A


    1/21 MLK Day

    1/22-1/25 regents week


    1/28 Go over Norman Borlaug extra credit project; watch Norman Borlaug video: Freedom from Famine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYUvt0f4qbE

    1/29 Blue Mt. Reservoir (cancelled snow day)

        lab reservoir 

    1/30 snow day

    1/31 2hr delay: Do now monocroppoing; list pros and cons;  

        Lab:  notes ch.11 section 2;  assignment research polar vortex/can it be linked to climate change?

    2/1 go over polar vortex assignment, Notes ch 11


    2/4    watch Joel Salatin video (link is in notes), notes ch.11

         Lab: Skalla's Farm presentation (sustainability)

    2/5  Finish Ch.11 notes, review packet

    2/6 King Corn video and worksheet

        Lab: King Corn

    2/7  Test Ch.11

    2/8  Ch.12 Notes

         Lab: Finish King Corn, Discuss worksheet 


    2/11 Do now: Which is more efficient, gas or electric hot water heater; discuss systems approach.  video: exxon valdez; homework ch12 sec 1 review questions

    2/12: snow day

    2/13 tap trees (2hr delay)

       lab: tap trees

    2/14 go over homework, notes ch. 12

    2/15  Half day for students


    2/18 President's Day

    2/19  President's Day

    2/20  Ch.12 notes

    2/21  Assignment CH.12 practice exam, free response question 1

    2/22 Collect Sap



    2/25 Do now: List pro and cons of nuclear power.   Finish ch.12 notes,   start video nuclear power: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDCEjWNGv6Y

    2/26  Finish video: Nuclear power

        Lab: ch.12 review packet

    2/27 Test Ch.12

    2/28 First Boil

    3/1  waffle breakfast


    3/4 2hr delay, go over old tests.

    3/5 Gas land

    3/6  Gas Land

        Lab: Do now What's the difference between energy conservation and energy efficiency, list some examples of ways you can do each.

    3/7 Notes: Ch13

    3/8 Measure your impact ch12 hybrid vs traditional car (takes all period)

       Lab:  Sap


    3/11 (subsitute) Movie: Racing extinction

    3/12 sap

       Lab Racing extinction

    3/13 Notes ch13, homework do the math wahing machines p.441?  also free respnse ques.1 from chapter 13 practice exam

    3/14 Riccardi 1st grade maple sugaring field trip

    Lab boil

    3/15 Go over homework, pull taps out of trees Season over, Ch13 Notes


    3/18 video: Ethanol Effect  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQTcUpk_Hjo 

        Lab:Finish video, then have them work out of textbooks (textbooks are in the back of the room) Read “science applied” on p.476-479. They are to complete the Free Response Question on .479. What they don’t finish in class is homework.

    3/19 go over homework, notes, video concentrated solar thermal power plant.

    3/20 talked about Peregrines, show Heinz video, notes

       Lab  Notes and review packet

    3/21 conf.day

    3/22 Test ch.14, Homework Ch.14 mod.41 vocab and homework worksheet


    3/25 notes ch.14, homework ch.14 mod 42 vocab and homework worksheet

         Lab:  watch Europe's largest sewer plant (3min) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW6GBciRHLg , NYC's largest sewer plant (4min)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tv6EKHWxd0

                Citarum River, Indonesia world's most polluted river (24min) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkSXB-lRAp0

    3/26 go over homework and test, ch. 14 notes

    3/27 notes ch.14

      lab: video great pacific garbage patch, PFOS and PFOA video

    3/28 finish ch.14 start ch.15

    3/29 Collect ch 14 practice exam M.C. and F.R. 2 as test. Ch 15 notes

      lab: Ch.15 notes


    4/1 go over ch.15 F.R. 1, notes ch.15

    4/2 START REVIEW: Practice exam 1 multiple choice

       Lab: multiple choice, homework: grade and review m.c.

    4/3 Finish Ch.15 notes, homework: p.730 Science applied  carbon tax, free response question

    4/4 Practice 1 Free Response

       lab Free Response: homework: grade and review

    4/5 do now; Which is worse paper or styrofoam; list all the inputs and out puts, after read p.553-554. Ch.16 Notes;   (homework: Ch.15 practice exam as test F.R. 2?; didn't do, instead assigned science applied, p.627 Is recycling always good for the environment? and Free response question 1


    Easter Break




    4/8 go over homework, ch. 16 notes

     lab: love canal video

    4/9: notes ch.16    Homework: Ch. 16 practice exam m.c. and FR #2

    4/10 practice exam 2 multiple choice

    4/11  go over multiple choice

    4/12 practice exam 2 free response, EASTER BREAK HOMEWORK: read ch.17 and do the practice exam m.c and f.r.1

     Easter Break

    4/23  collect homework, Start Ch.19 Notes


         Lab  watch nat geo one strange rock breathe/gasp ep.1



         Lab   Read Pollution chapter in review book.  homework: end of chapter questions



    4/30   2016 exam Multiple choice


    5/1   go over multiple choice

    5/2  2016 exam Free Response


    5/3  go over free response


    5/6 REVIEW KAHOOT: AP environmental science part1 (1-20) and Part 2 (1-20)


    5/6 AP EXAM

    making a solar cell 

    Lab: Quadrat Method 

    Lab: Jobs Project

    AP EXAM:  MONDAY MAY 6, 2019 @ 12PM


Last Modified on May 6, 2019