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    Class of 2019


    Class of 2019


    Senior High Choir-Alumni Choir Information


    Dear Former Senior High Choir Member,

    I would like to invite you to sing with the Senior High Choir at our Spring Concert on Thursday, June 4th, 2020 at 7pm.  We will be singing the song “Like a River in my Soul.” There is a recording below for you to listen and practice the song. I have copies of the music that you can stop and pick up at the high school.  I will also be rehearsing Wednesdays in the choir room from 2:10-2:40 on 5/5, 5/13, 5/20, 5/27 and 6/3.  Our dress rehearsal will be on the night of the concert at 7pm in the choir room.  Please fill in the below question and return to Rebecca MacDougall at the Senior High School.  The students and I look forward to working with you. 


    Rebecca MacDougall


    Concert Date- TBD

    Song Selection- We will be singing...

    Practice Recordings- will be available on my website under Alumni Choir 

    Day Time Rehearsals- Wednesdays-Beginning of per. 9 (2:10- 2:40) 5/5, 5/13, 5/20, 5/27 and 6/3. or during per. 7 for current staff. Please also practice at home using the resources on my website. 

    Dress Rehearsal- Thursday, June 4th at 7pm during the beginning of the concert if you don’t have a student in the first group. Please go to the choir room quietly as there will be performers on stage. 

    Concert Dress- look nice, no jeans or sneakers. Shirt and tie for men and dress clothes for ladies. Something blue would match the choir in their robes.

    Please fill out the below information and send it to Rebecca MacDougall at SHS or email me at rmacdougall@saugerties.k12.ny.us

    Also, please attend at least one rehearsal and the dress rehearsal if you want to participate. I look forward to working with you. Thank you!

    Yes, I am able to sing with the choir and will attend the rehearsals and practice at home.

    Name:____________________________________________Class of: ________

    Here is a recording below...

    Like a River in my Soul


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