• Introduction:            Hook...Bridge...Thesis  

     *Note: Do nor put a quote in the opening paragraph

    Body Paragraphs:     One idea per paragraph

    Form of Paragraph (TRIAC):  Topic/Restriction (focus)/Illustration (examples)/Analysis/Conclusion (or connection to next paragraph)

    TRIAC Paragraph Broken Down By Parts  (Example 1)

    Topic- In today’s business world, it is increasingly difficult to keep the quality of a small “mom and pop” business as the business grows.

    Restriction– In fact, it seems that as businesses grow, they lose what made them special to begin with.

    Illustration– For example, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream company started as a small, high quality and quirky brand, but as it grew it found it was losing that which made them special... [This would go on explaining Ben and Jerry’s experiences.]….

    Analysis– The significance of their experience is that growth demands more than making money. It requires staying true to core values. A business is a lot like a person, and just as a person's values signals who he or she is, staying true to a business's values is essential to its success. Ben and Jerry's rediscovered who they were and made their quirky, employee oriented values the centerpiece of their identity.

    Conclusion – Thus, businesses may be adrift not for reaons of their balance sheet, their profits and losses, but because they have drifted too far from their original vision.

    TRIAC Paragraph Broken Down By Parts  (Example 2)

    Topic-Although many books have already been published online, reading them is still very inconvenient.

    Restriction-That is, it's hard to take a computer to the beach or read lying in bed very easily. But that will soon change.

    Illustration-For example, according to David H. Rothman in his article for U.S. News & World Report, technicians at Massachusetts Institute of Technology "have developed a computer that is shaped like a book, with flipable pages" (2). Within five years, we may have complete public libraries online on these MIT “book” computers.

    Analysis & Conclusion-This is important news because these libraries may help raise the level of literacy in the country. They will also make proofreading easier on the page-like screen. Best of all, a person will be able to take his or her favorite novel, lie down on a blanket in the park, and read again with pleasure.


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