• How to get a 100 in Band….

    Some suggestions:

    Attend the minimum 4 lessons per quarter. Come to make up lessons. Give me Denied Passes that prove to me you asked to be excused from class.

    Don’t ask a teacher to deny a Rotation Pass. Don’t hand it to them at the end of class, asking them to deny it because you forgot. They tell me…. Yes, we do communicate with one another.

    Have your own copy of the lesson book. Practice the exercises I assign for the quarter. They are designed to improve your playing technique with repetition.

    When you come in to PERFORM your quarterly evaluations, don’t ask me which ones. Don’t sight read. Don’t tell me you already did them – referring to the first lesson of the quarter when I introduced the material and you sight read them that day. Don’t ask me fingerings. Don’t ask me “how does it go?” and want a rhythm tutorial. Those things are most welcome the weeks before! Show me, to the best of your ability in that moment, MASTERY. That means you own it.

    Don’t talk & fool around in rehearsal. Know your part! Make sure you are contributing & not detracting.

    Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We are human, they will happen. Those are opportunities for learning…

    Take to heart directions and suggestions. Especially if comments pertain to your posture, how you hold the instrument, how you are articulating (or not!), breath support, etc. – and put those into use every time you pick up your horn. You need to change habits, and that will only happen by CHOICE. Please be mindful in what you do.

    Show respect for our facility and equipment.

    Raise the bar for those around you. Lead by example.

    Play is fun. The better you are at it, the more fun it is. Practice should be looked at as an investment in yourself, not as a punishment or something negative. It is an opportunity to reinforce concepts, etc. through repetition so you can respond quicker, cleaner, and with greater ease. Then you can start being an artist.

    Sing in your head while you play (audiation).

    Be present – meaning, don’t be absent! And when you are here, BE PRESENT!

    Listen to music. I post links of our pieces, and of composers or artists that I think would be good for you to emulate. Better yet, go to live concerts…

Last Modified on June 21, 2019