Life Science 2021-2022

  • Life Science Curriculum

    Scientific method and measurement

    Life structure and function

    Cells and Life

    Exploring Life

    Cell Structure and function


    Body Systems

    Levels of organization

    Structure and support

    Obtaining energy and removing wastes

    Moving materials 

    Control and information processing

    Reproduction of organisms


    Types of reproduction

    Animal reproduction and growth

    Plant reproduction and growth

    Change over time

    Natural selection and adaptations

    How traits change

    Evolution by natural selection

    Artificial selection

    Evidence for evolution


    Biological evidence


    Interactions within Ecosystems

    Matter and energy 

    Photosynthesis and cellular respiration

    Flow of energy

    Cycling of matter

    Dynamic Ecosystems

    Resources in ecosystems

    Interactions and relationships within ecosystems

    Changing ecosystems

    Biodiversity in ecosystems

    Benefits of biodiversity

    Maintaining biodiversity


    Review for Final Exam


    Though We will be using books this year, I have left the link to the notes live in case it is helpful.

  • We will be using a set of four workbooks in Life Science. The content is arranged in a unit/module/lesson format.

    These books are designed with experiential learning in mind. Students will be exploring scientific phenomenon as they proceed through the curriculum this year. 

    I will be assigning reading and note taking in the "Explain the phenomenon" pages for homework which will allow more time in class for lab activities, investigation and exploration of the phenomenon.

    There will be three projects spaced throughout the year as well as tests and end of lesson quizzes.

    I will update the Life Science assignment page with test dates and project due dates.

    I'm looking forward to an exciting year!

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Last Modified on September 17, 2021