• Daily Goals 2019-2020


    9/4  First Day:  Showed video of hurricane Dorian, Homework: Is hurricane Dorian a product of climate change? Write a brief explanation and provide source. Send to my email.  Hand out books.

    9/5 Do now: Define Environmental Science; Go over Homework, Start Ch.1 Notes, Homework: Read p. 711-712 and p. 616 write down your own philosophy and explain.

    9/6  go over homework, read monsanto article from newsweek: https://www.newsweek.com/monsanto-cancer-chemicals-agriculture-needed-1378101       go over all the things that we will be covering that relates to the article

        Lab: field trip sawyerkill; stress phenology: migration: monarchs, birds, leaves changing, starlings flocking up.


    9/9 Do now:  How do you deterimine if an ecosystem is healthy? indicators, Notes local and global indicators. ; Ch. 1 notes;

    homework ch.1 practice exam p.28-29: all multiple choice and free response question 2.

    9/10 movie: Racing Extinction

          Lab movie:

    9/11: Go over homework, Hand out ch.1 review packet, notes ch.1

    9/12: Go over scientific method; null hypothesis; mnemonic People Really Hate Eating Donunts and Cold Cider; Problem, Research, Hypothesis, Experiment/Data, Analyze, Conclusion, Communicate, Free Response for test is; list the 5 global indicators we use in env. science

         Lab Asian Tiger Mosquito Lab; http://neregionalvectorcenter.com/invasive-albopictus-project

    9/13:  Test ch.1, there was enough time to go over test


    9/16:  Watch human footprint Nat Geo from youtube 10 min/each; Do now:  What are some properties of water that make it unique and/or so important to life on earth. Ch.2 notes

          Lab: make mosquito traps

    9/17: Demos water: paperclip/surface tension, bromthtmol blue and carbonic acid (using straw), Ch.2 notes.  Introduce PCB Project (~1page), Due Monday Sept. 23.

    9/18:  Ch. 2 Notes Laws of thermodynamics,  Homework Read Ch.2 section 2 and do review questions.

        Lab: Do the math worksheet on energy (conversions).

    9/19:  Finish going over Do the math, Go over homework, Energy converion worksheet

    9/20  Energy converion worksheet,notes: feedback loops, hand out ch.2 review packet.

       Lab: Show and discuss Mono Lake documentary https://youtu.be/Cp4H3uXl1Lk  Also talked about owls and showed inside edition interview https://youtu.be/Nx2fkXHKoPE


    Malaria project


    9/23 Do now: Write the 1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics, PCB Projects Due, Go over math problems in review packet. Homework p.60 freee response question 1

    9/24:  Go over homework, Do Now: read p.55 -56 Florida Everglades, critical thinking questions 1-3.

        Lab: Test ch.2

    9/25  Senior photos to 8:20, handed back ch.1 and 2, went over everglades questions. left to think about the question, does ice melting on water cause level to rise?

    9/26  Demo ice on water. Ch.3 notes, end period with students drawing a local food web, contest who can get the most species in their food web.

      lab: Bio Blitz; Flora and Fauna Id; working in pairs find and identify at least 6 different species. We will make informatinal sheets to be displayed

    9/27  Movie Planet Earth 


    10/1 Ch.2 Measure your impact: bottled water vs tap

       Lab: organize bioblitz data by listing species found by each group

    10/2  Notes CH.3 up to carbon cycle

    10/3 Notes ch3 Carbon cycle through Nitrogen cylcle, showed nitrogen cycle cartoon

        Lab: each group is to make a card with picture of species plus informational blurb (especially info about invasive species)

    10/4: Use computers to make a sketch of the nitrogen cycle, be sure to label all processes.


    10/7 Finish Ch.3 notes, Homework: Ch.3 practice exam, mult. choice and free response question 1 

       Lab: Finish flora id cards

    10/8  Jr. high computer lab to print plant id cards

    10/9 conference day

    10/10 read articles from paper on Hudson PCB cleanup, Trout recovery from acid rain in Adirondack lakes

       Lab water quality testing on fish tanks, hang up pictues from flora survey project

    10/11  another round of water quality testing practice


    10/14 Cloumbus day

    10/15 Water quality testing and aquatic fauna survey on sawyerkill

        Lab: Movie: The waterkeepers  https://vimeo.com/222909242

    10/16: Do now: What and why was Con Eds plans for storm king mt.;  Note Ch.4 section 2

    10/17  Field trip: Saugerties Lighthouse

    10/18  Movie: The waterkeepers



         Lab mark and recapture

    10/22: Field trip: NYSDECs "Day in the Life of the Hudson River"

    10/23:  Notes ch.4

      Lab: Students made up gym and band from Tues.

    10/24: Field trip:  Canoe Trip (all Day)

    10/25: Go Over concepts from canoe trip; saved in word documents as Canoe Trip Notes in APES folder      Homework: Email Molyneaux onEel Nino

         Lab: Students made up gym and band from Thursday's trip


    10/28: Do now: describe a rain shadow, using adiabatic cooling, adiabatic heating, windward, leeward;  Notes Ocean currents and El Nino.

    10/29  Biome projects

    10/30  Biome Projects

    10/31: Biome Projects

    11/1: Biome Projects


    11/4  Finish projects

         Lab  Finish projects

    11/5 Conference

    11/6 Presentations

    11/7  Presentations

         Lab Presentations




    11/ 8   homework: Ch. 4 Practice eaxam 1-13 and question 2 (will count as test grade)

    11/14: finish presentations

    11/15: Articles on climate migration 0ne from Science Daily and one from PBS; video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDrEpj_sHBI   ; journaling

           lab: specific heat capacity lab (fill dish to top with each material and figure out mass), got through set up and mass of empty petri dish.


    11/18  Start ch5 notes

    11/19  work on specific heat lab?

        lab:  work on specific heat lab

    11/20  10 minutes to finish labs, notes ch.5

    11/21 class ch.5 notes through natural selection

        lab: Do now:  list all the species that have gone extinct in modern times. jigsaw 3 extinction articles. A,B,C read individually, got into groups and came up wiith 3 to 4 bullet points for whole group discussion

    11/22 Tesla truck reveal video (5min) Notes ch.5 to Florida panther video. Showed Panther video (14 min)  Homework: Ch.5 Module 15 and review questions p.163 1-7

     11/23  hand back ch. 4 practice test.  Go over ch4 practice test free response ques 2.

              Lab finish ch. 5 mod 15 notes.

    11/ 24  turkey vulture, module 16 notes  Homework: Explain the difference between allopatric and sympatric speciation and provide examples (at least one) for each.

    11/25 Thanksgiving Break  


    12/2 snow day 

    12/3   2hr delay ch. 5 notes mod 16     homework ch.5 practice exam free response 1

         Lab:   notes through mod 16

    12/4    Go over homework, Finish Notes ch. 5 module 17

    12/5  Measure your impact; Practice exam m.c. and free response 2

         Lab:  Ch. 5 review packet

    12/6   Test Ch.5


    12/9  Talk about deer population, looked at DEC statistics and discussed population boundaries (state, nothern/southrn zones, WMUs) Start Ch 6 notes sectin 1

        lab: mark and recapture/ Lincoln index

    12/10 Ch 6 section 2 notes through growth models; activity k-selected and r-selected species

    12/11  Ch.6 notes through section 3

       Lab:  Activity 6.3 Simulalting the Theory of Island Biogeography

    12/13 Finish Ch. 6 notes; ch. review packet

    12/14 Test Ch.6



    Wolves: A Legend Returns to Yellowstone 55min

    Extinction projects

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