• Daily Goals 2019-2020


    9/4: First Day: Get to know students

    9/5:  Go over syllabus, Hand out reference tables, Start notes CH.1

    9/6:  Demo Hoffman aparatus; notes thru compound


    9/9  Pre-test, homework: why is the ocean blue

    9/10 Movie: Hunting the Elements

    9/11 Continue movie

    9/12 Do now: How could you seperate the salt and water in a saltwater solution.  Notes: finish mixtures. start atomic structure

    9/13 Notes: Atomic structure


    9/16 Do now: What are the symbols of the three subatomic particles.   Notes: Atomic structure, bohr diagram

    9/17 Do now: Practice Bohr diagrams from notes. Notes: Atomic mass and mass number.

    9/18 Quiz bohr diagrams, Notes: atomic mass

    9/19 Do now: atomic mass problem,  Notes Rutherford Gold Foil Exp.

    9/20  Quiz Atomic Structure, atomic number, mass number, electrons in neutral atom, mixtures, atomic mass, distillation


    9/23 Go over quiz, 4min video Rutherford, Rutherford worksheet, Notes: electrons

    9/24 Hand out books, assign homework from book, Introduce Qantum Mechanical Model

    9/25 go over homework, demo spectroscopes and bright line spectrum 

    9/26 Do now: Explain in terms of electrons and energy how an element's bright line spectrum is produced. Bright line worksheet

    9/27 Review packet ch. 1 and 2


    9/30 Rosh Hashanah

    10/1 Do now: Bright line regents question, go over review packet.

    10/2 electron dot diagrams, quantum mechanical model

    10/3 Test ch.1

    10/4 go over test, start ch.3


    10/16 quiz periodic table


    2/5 Mid term

    2/6 After Mid term: Mystery of Matter miniseries 3 parts


    3/18 School Closed Due to Corona Virus. All assignments will be through Google classroom. 

    Class code is ra66qtl



Last Modified on March 20, 2020