Students in the honors program must be behaviorally, academically, and cognitively outstanding.

    You must be able to:  formulate a well-constructed 5-paragraph essay, respond to a writing prompt, follow multi-step directions, edit your own work, possess effective study skills, and be an independent thinker/learner/reader


    *As a reminder, here are the guidelines that dictate which students remain in the program. 


    In addition to the required 92 average, the honor student must: 

    • possess enjoyment and passion for English.

    • possess an understanding of basic grammar skills.
    • correctly use conventions of standard written English.
    • work towards cultivating an original and individual voice in writing.
    • be self-motivated and willing to do more than what is asked or required.
    • take full responsibility for all assignments.
    • be tolerant of other people’s opinions.
    • accept instruction and constructive criticism in order to improve oral, written, and interpretive skills.
    • make attendance a priority and make-up missed work without prompting—

    • (i.e.: please see the class website for assignments when you are absent so that you are caught up when you return.)

      listen carefully in class and take notes.

    • prioritize one’s learning as an ongoing process by refraining from procrastination and “cramming.”

    • demonstrate superior knowledge of the course content by analysis and synthesis of a variety of topics in-class discussion, writings, and assessment situations. 

    If a student fails to meet these guidelines during the first 10 weeks, 

    he or she may be relocated to the English 9R+ level. 

    Ninth-grade Honors English is designed as preparation for English 10 Honors.  The course of study is rigorous and should be attempted only by serious readers and writers. The student’s successful achievement of the skills and requirements listed above will be closely monitored throughout the year as a guideline for English 10H recommendations and placement. 

    It is important for students to be placed appropriately for the overall integrity of the student and the program. 


Last Modified on September 9, 2021