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      Role of the Regular Education Teacher
      • Develop the structure of the class, including general curricula, discipline policy, physical layout, materials, etc.
      • Plan daily lessons, activities, tests, assignments, etc. in collaboration with the special education teacher
      • Supervise and direct paraprofessional in the classroom routine
      • Collaborate with special educator on curriculum modifications, grading, report cards, grade/level transitions, etc.
      Role of the Consultant Teacher
      • Provide modification recommendations for students in regard to materials and equipment, positive behavior plans, individualized curricula, etc.
      • Provide modification recommendations for students in regard to lessons, activities, tests, assignments, grading, report cards, etc.
      • Recommend instructional strategies for students
      • Collaborate with classroom teacher to develop discipline policy
      • Collaborate with the classroom teacher to develop lesson plans for the whole class where appropriate
      • Work directly with students on an individual or group basis
      • Work individually with students as they are doing class work, and help as necessary
      • Teach specific skills.  Reteach as necessary for individual students.
      • Adapt or modify regular classroom materials, tests, and assignments
      • IEP development with classroom teacher input              
      Role of the Paraprofessional
      • Follow classroom policies developed by the classroom teacher
      • Implement modifications developed by the teacher or specialist
      • Provide direct instruction and facilitate learning opportunities for individuals and groups of students as planned by teacher or specialist
      • Provide assistance to all students (classroom aide) or to a specific student (one-on-one aide) 
      • Can reteach specific skills as necessary
      • Coordinate IEP modifications (sharing information and recommendations between specialist and classroom teacher)
      • Chart progress (academically and behaviorally) for all students
      (from: Successful Inclusion Strategies by Susan Fitzell)
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