•  Saugerties Jr/Sr High School


    Student Online Learning Expectations and Guidelines 


    • Communication is key, be sure to maintain contact with all teachers. 
    • Keep a calendar or planner to organize assignments, coursework and due dates.   
    • Be independent learners and active participants throughout your learning experience.
    • The dress code is in effect just the same as if you were in the building 
    • For technology student assistance/questions,  visit our SCSD IT Department site: https://sites.google.com/saugerties.k12.ny.us/scsd-it-dept/home and fill out the Student Helpdesk Form.  


    Practice Social Distancing. The reason we have turned to online learning is to practice social distancing, in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Please do not congregate at each other’s homes to do work, socialize, etc. — we want you to stay safe and healthy.

    Everyone is visible in a synchronous videoconference. Students, you should dress appropriately as per our school dress code, and should be in a comfortable work space with your device.  Find a quiet place with minimal distraction. Be sure your background is school appropriate. Consider situating your device so it faces a wall to maximize privacy.  

    Mute your microphone immediately. As soon as you log on to the platform, mute your microphone. This will avoid any excess background noise. Release the mute button when it is your turn to speak in the virtual class.  

    Focus and engage. While in a synchronous videoconference, the microphone should be muted and released only when speaking in the virtual class. Keep your video conference platform open and do not navigate to other tabs or web pages unless directed by the teacher.

    Respect. Respect the privacy of other participants. Do not take screenshots or pictures of your teacher or fellow students. Do not make any audio or video recordings. These behaviors violate our policies and could result in disciplinary action. Also the use of headphones when engaging in a voice/video chat, will help to ensure the privacy of others.


    Teachers will communicate to the administration inappropriate behavior that violates our Technology Acceptable Use Policy and Student Code of Conduct. Appropriate action will be enforced if necessary. 

    Virtual Learner




    • Report to online lessons regularly
    • Meet assigned deadlines 



    • Be mindful of language
    • Support others with kindness and empathy
    • Use chat feature for input 




    • Be present for live learning
    • Contribute when asked


    • Reach out to your teachers with questions during their office hours
    • Submit timely assignments



    • Quiet workspace 
    • Essential supplies accessible
    • Internet connection established 

    For district chromebook troubleshooting https://sites.google.com/saugerties.k12.ny.us/scsd-it-dept/home

Last Modified on April 14, 2020