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    Supply List 2020 2021

    2020- 2021

    Welcome to First Grade!

    Here is a list of supplies so that your child will be prepared for First Grade!

    These following items must be labeled with your child’s name:

    2 packages of dry erase markers
    2 highlighters*
    1 box of colored pencils 
    1 package yellow #2 pencils (preferably Ticonderoga- no plastic, decorated pencils)* 
    1 box of crayons; 8 count*
    1 eraser *
    1 pencil sharpener
    1 package of glue sticks* 
    1 Fiskar student sized scissor 
    1 plastic pencil box (regular size)
    1 pair of headphones (please label them)


    * Student will need several throughout the year; approximately one per-month

    These items are to be shared in the classroom and will not need to be labeled

    2 or more containers of cleaning wipes (anti-bacterial preferred)
    2 or more boxes of tissues

    If you can or wish to donate more then the number requested of these items

    it would be very much appreciated…

    Thank you for your support!

Last Modified on September 3, 2020