• Communication

    Communication must be a two-way street throughout the school year. It is critical that both teacher and parent/guardian be responsible for communicating information that you or I may want or need. I prefer that you contact me via email. I am also accessible by phone, however, it is more difficult to return a phone call than an email. Communication occurs in various forms. Progress reports and report cards are considered communication. The numerical grades and the comments teachers put on progress reports and report cards are very informative and often provide accurate information in a brief format. I do not provide daily or weekly updates unless specifically called for in a student’s IEP. I will send group and/or individual emails to students and/or parents when I feel they are necessary. Examples of such times might be when a test/quiz is upcoming, a project has been assigned, or the end of a quarter is nearing. You will also hear from me if a student is missing multiple assignments and/or is failing a class. Parents need to be involved in the communication process. Parents should attend open house, attend teacher/parent conference night, and message/email/call me with any questions or concerns as soon as they arise. Please don’t wait until halfway through the school year to ask questions or seek information that may be helpful to you or your child.



Last Modified on September 6, 2020