• Be on time, on task and ready to learn everyday. In the virtual environment, this means showing up on time for Google Meets. Be awake, out of bed and dressed (trust me...it will make a difference)!
    • Be responsible for your own learning. If you didn't turn in an assignment, admit it and make sure that the next assignment is turned in on time. Don't beat yourself up over it...we all make mistakes.
    • Respect the teacher, classroom (whether virtual or real) and other students. Try to treat others as you would like to be treated. Be nice to each other...the world needs more kindness! 
    • When in the classroom, masks are worn at all times. Masks are worn to keep you and others safe. I am happy to be teaching you, and I want to make sure you all stay safe! 
    • When in the classroom, pick up after yourself! Let's all keep the classroom neat and clean - it will make it easier to learn and better place to be.
Last Modified on September 4, 2020