MON AND THURS 7:45 - 10:43 AM (periods 1-->4) 

    TUES AND FRI  10:47 - 2:18 PM (periods 5-->8)


    • All Junior High Students will sign on to their classes using the google meet code associated with the class period. ( Study Halls will not have a meet code)

    • Students will have a quiet workspace (ie kitchen table, desk,  location with minimal distractions)

    • Camera feed will be expected to be on to maximize learning

    • Chat feature is encouraged to be used to ask questions 

    • Microphone muted unless contributing to class

    • Appropriate posture and attire (ready for school)

    • Essential supplies accessible (loose leaf paper , pens, pencils, calculator , texts or workbooks when necessary)

    • Internet connection established (Please notify the main office of any problems)




Last Modified on September 9, 2020