• All school rules apply. Some may be duplicated below – therefore I consider those to be of utmost importance.

    1. Arrive on time for rehearsals (before bell), concerts, etc.
    2. Be prepared to contribute your best always.
    3. No Gum! Ever! It is a choking hazard.
    4. No food (choking hazard, not good to play or sing on a full stomach) – only bottled water (please stay hydrated!).
    5. No Hats! The Dress Code applies not only for regular rehearsals, but also for any concerts, trips, etc.
      Be mindful & present in the moment. Be open-minded.
    6. Get in the routine of rehearsal procedures ASAP please!
    7. Cell phones have no place in a rehearsal. They must be turned OFF and put away – out of sight. Keep them in your backpack, locker, or wall holder…
    8. Be prepared to work. Music making requires considerable physical energy and brain power!
    9. If you are not singing/playing, you should remain quiet so as not to disturb those who are.
    10. I will do my best to end rehearsal in a timely fashion and excuse you a few moments before the bell rings at the end of class. That should provide time to put away music folders, clean out & case up instruments, pick up your things and get you to your next class on time.
    11. You must show respect to your fellow musicians, accompanists, conductors, substitute teachers – thereby demonstrating self-respect, and respect for Music as an art form.
    12. I have high standards, and will set high goals. I want to challenge you; however, I do not want to overwhelm you. Please see me should you ever have any concerns, your input is most welcome.
    13. Respect school property – our rooms & all equipment, instruments, sheet music, lockers & locks. We have a nice facility and a very nice instrument inventory, let’s keep it that way.
    14. Be mindful that the greatest portion of your grade is based on participation…
Last Modified on September 9, 2020