• Band Grading Rubric – Saugerties Junior/Senior High School



    Excellent/Meets or exceeds expectations

    100 – 90 points

    Good/Minimum expectations

    89 – 80 points

    Fair/Below expectations

    79 – 65 points


    64 points and Under

    Rotation Attendance and Preparedness


    40% (50%)

    ·          Student attends all lessons or provides denied rotation passes for all missed lessons.

    ·          Student makes up missed lessons.

    ·          Student can perform lesson assignments with few, if any, errors.

    ·          Student takes private study and/or performs in extra curricular music groups.

    ·          Student attends most lessons or provides documentation as to why they couldn’t attend.

    ·          Some missed lessons are made up.

    ·          Student is able to play lesson material with a relatively high degree of accuracy.

    ·          Student attends some lessons, or provides denied passes for some lessons.

    ·          Student rarely attends extra help or lesson make up sessions.

    ·          Instrument rarely goes home for home practice.

    ·          Lesson assignments are not learned, demonstrating a lack of home practice.

    ·          Student rarely attends lessons or provides denied rotation passes.

    ·          Student does not attend make up lessons or stay for extra help. Therefore, student has not worked on lesson material which is different from the band literature.

    ·          Instrument never leaves school and no home practice occurs.

    Band Rehearsal and Preparedness, Classroom Rules and Conduct/Participation


    20% (30%)



    ·          Student is actively participating in rehearsal; has instrument in good working order with all necessary supplies; has music in order, on the stand; has pencil and uses it upon first direction; follows verbal and visual cues.

    ·          Student can successfully demonstrate mastery, or shows rapidly developing progress, of music.

    ·          Student is on time to class and obeys classroom rules.

    ·          Most of the time the student is actively engaged in rehearsal, seldom talking or distracting others.

    ·          Most often the student is adequately prepared with their instrument & supplies, pencil, and music ready.

    ·          Student demonstrates steady progress in mastery of music.

    ·          Most of the time, the student is punctual to class and follows classroom rules.

    ·          Sometimes the student is not prepared for class; instrument is missing or nonfunctioning, missing supplies, lack of pencil or refuses to use it, missing music or is slow to replace music.

    ·          Student is not giving full attention to watching and following director.

    ·          Student is slow to learn band music.

    ·          Student is often slow to arrive and unpack for class, and often needs reminders about classroom rules.

    ·          Often the student is not prepared for class: missing instrument or instrument or instrument case in long need of repair, lacks necessary supplies, is missing music and does not bother to replace it.

    ·          Student is inattentive in class: talking, distracting others, missing entrances, missing cut-offs, or “faking it”.

    ·          Student consistently misses notes and rhythms, and does nothing to correct those mistakes. Just showing up for band rehearsal won’t cut it!

    ·          Often student does not follow classroom rules.

    Performance Attendance or Mandatory Rehearsal Attendance and Preparedness 20% (0%)

    ·          Student attends all scheduled performances and rehearsals.

    ·          Student is warmed up and ready to play at “call time”, is dressed in proper attire, is ready to go!

    ·          Always displays proper stage decorum.

    ·          Student attends all scheduled performances and rehearsals.

    ·          Student may not be fully ready to play at “call time”, may enter slightly late or is talking and distracting others, can’t locate music.

    ·          Stage decorum may need improvement.

    ·          Student attends all scheduled performances and rehearsals.

    ·          Student is extremely late, is dressed inappropriately, or behaves inappropriately while on stage or off stage.

    ·          Student does not attend performance or mandatory rehearsal.

    ·          Student does not provide advanced warning to teacher or provide a legitimate written excuse.

    Evaluations, Written or Performed


    20% (20%)

    ·          Student demonstrates command of material by making few, or no, errors.

    ·          Student takes test in a timely fashion (keeps their appointment, or reschedules promptly).

    ·          Student demonstrates adequate preparation by making relatively few errors.

    ·          Student takes test in a timely fashion (keeps their appointment or reschedules promptly).

    ·          Insufficient preparedness results in numerous errors.

    ·          Student avoids taking test by missing appointments, rescheduling only under duress.

    ·          Student demonstrates lack of preparation by committing a large number of errors.

    ·          Student avoids taking the examination altogether.


    Percentage in parenthesis refers to marking periods lacking a major performance.


    MT 6/15/10

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