• 7th - 12th Physical Education Synchronous (Live) Rules: 

    1. Be on time to class and follow the school schedule. 
    2. Have a quiet place to work. 
    3. Your microphone is muted, unless you are contributing to the conversation. 
    4. You may add questions to the chat and then wait for the teacher to call on you. The teacher will then ask you to unmute your microphone. 
    5. Cameras must be on during the google meet. 
    6. Online conduct is appropriate and respectful. 
    7. Strive for appropriate attire/ready for school attire. 
    8. Be dressed in active wear and ready to participate in activity. 
    9. Keep contents of the chat appropriate and relevant to the class discussion. 

     My office hours are from: 8:32-9:13 daily

    email: mmelville@saugerties.k12.ny.us

    Phone extension: 2760

    Stay active!!

Last Modified on September 15, 2020