•  School Supplies
    I strongly suggest that students utilize the following supplies:
    • 3 ring binder that has a 3 inch spine
    • plastic dividers - one for each class
    • loose leaf paper
    • pens - blue or black ink




    While it is a generous gesture, I have observed over many years that using a Saugerties folder as a primary notebook for classes is counterproductive and detrimental to students' academic success. Students often shove papers into these folders without any method of organization. Students are regularly wasting valuable class time searching through their folder for assignments and materials. Using these folders causes students to miss instruction, misplace materials needed for class, lose assignments that need to be submitted for a grade, etc. I cannot stress enough that students who experience difficulties with organization should NOT use a Saugerties folder for their class materials. Students with organization issues should be using a 3 ring binder that is divided into sections for each class. Every classroom is equipped with a 3-hole puncher that students should use to maintain an orderly binder. As a class completes a unit, chapter, or story/novel students can remove those materials and assignments and store them either at home or in a designated location in school.

     Staples 3 inch Binder Plastic Binder Dividers


Last Modified on March 25, 2020