Struggling with Remote Learning?


    Tips for parents on motivating students to do remote schoolwork and sign on to virtual sessions 


    schedule  Try to keep a similar schedule as much as possible to when your teen had a regular school day- This means same time to set the alarm in the morning, getting ready (shower, out of pjs and into clothes). Keeping a similar schedule even if they are not leaving the house, can help with feeling more energized and focused to complete tasks for the rest of the day

    desk Set up a space conducive for only school work, even if it is just a little nook or corner somewhere, allow that space to be only for schoolwork, with no other distractions on that space.

    conversation  Let the teachers check and grade the work- instead, try to engage your teen and connect with them about what they are learning and how they may relate it to their own lives. - Building connections and encouraging abstract thinking can aid in intriguing motivation to learn more and retain information

    Can Do  Try to emulate in our own lives and our own thoughts and words how we want our teen to feel, they are more preceptive than they might suggest. As much as possible try to keep the conversations and actions as positive as possible. If your teen sees someone in the house running out of bed in the morning, begrudgingly getting ready for work and sluggish the rest of the day, most likely they are going to adapt to those attitudes and behaviors as well.  

    reminder  For specific times that the teen has to zoom into virtual class, set up alarms and verbalize cues that at this certain time, that it will be happening. If your teen is home alone and you are out at work, set the alarm and if you can, make a checkup call or text, or possibly set up a camera where the student would be working to be able to see what is going on. Verbalize affirmations for example, “At 8:45am I will finish up my breakfast and start signing into my computer for my 9am work meeting the same time you have your zoom session for class.” This may help reinforce that at that specific time is allotted only for that session and nothing else will be happening. It may also help with your teen feeling they are responsible and making their own decision to sign in for class. 

    thumbs up Try positive reinforcements for 100% attendance or for 100% completion of assignments for the week. Start small like having the teen's favorite meal for dinner or a little allowance money. Save the big reinforcements or something very important to your student for large victories or completion of the whole school year, so that your student won’t expect something extravagant every single time the sign into class. 


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    Below are some links to articles and a youtube video that provide some motivation techniques for virtual learning: