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    Advanced Studio Art      instructor Elisa Tucci       Contact Info:  Email: etucci@saugerties.k12.ny.us

    Full year, 1 credit 

    Prerequisite: Drawing and Painting 

    Grade 11, 12 

    Course Description 

    This is a Studio course in which  students will be given the opportunity to work more independently developing their own ideas to given themes. While basic skills will be practiced, emphasis is placed on solutions to artistic problems, transitioning into and exploring more personal, stylized, or expressive artwork. 


    This course blends instructor demonstrations, art history presentations, discussions and group critiques with hands-on art making. Students are expected to attend class daily and actively participate in all aspects of the course including set-up and cleanup. Students are expected to come to class prepared and ready to work. School policies regarding behavior and technology will be honored in the classroom.

    Course Objectives 

    Upon completion of this course, students will: 

    • Understand art as an expressive visual language and its role in the world. 
    • Develop an understanding of aesthetic components in art and design. 
    • Be able to analyze and discuss complex ideas in works of visual art. 
    • Be aware of the vast career options available in the fields of art and design. 
    • Develop a personal art portfolio that reflects their interests and points of view. 

    Instructional Platform 

    At the time of this writing our  class will be meeting LIVE and in person.
    Google Classroom will be used to assist the  instructor with the delivery of assignments &  videos and where students will submit their work, receive feedback and grades.  When students are unable to attend school, information will be shared via Google Classroom. In the event that school pivots to remote instruction the Google Classroom AND Google Meet platform will become more of an integral part of the class. 

    Late Work 

    If you are absent from class, it will be your responsibility to find out what work you missed. Assignments and other work must be made up within 5 days of the absence. 


    Attendance is taken daily. Your active participation is required.

    Please purchase these materials:
    sketchbook, metal pencil sharpener and several sizes of black permanent marker

    The school will provide the following materials for students: 

    • Drawing Pencils
    • Colored Pencils 
    • Glue 
    • Scissors 
    • Erasers 
    • Acrylic Paint 
    • watercolor set 

    Student Expectations 

    Students will be expected to: 

    • Be in class on time. 
    • Come to class prepared, and use class time wisely. 
    • Create work that consistently represents your best effort! 
    • Participate in class discussions and critiques. 
    • Keep a visual journal that includes weekly sketches and creative exploration. 
    • Demonstrate respectful and appropriate behavior. 
    • Complete assignments by the due date. 
    • Arrange for extra help if needed (make an appointment with me) 


    60% - Art Projects 

    15% -  Class work & Visual Journals 

    15% - Participation 

    10% - Artist of the Month: Research Projects 

    Final Grade is 80% class average and 20% is Final Art Portfolio 


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