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    Fingerprinting Instructions

    The New York State Education Dept. is eliminating the use of the current NYSED managed fingerprinting process which includes all NYSED Livescan fingerprinting systems and current “ink and roll” card submission process. 

    All new employees and substitutes​ 

    will need to be fingerprinted through MorphoTrust


    .  MorphoTrust will be accepting new fingerprint applications / appointments as of August 3, 2015.  Appointments will not be available until this date.

    ​  If you have already been fingerprinted through a NY public school district or for your NYS teaching certification, you will not have to be fingerprinted again. 


    Please visit the MorphoTrust website at:  http://www.identogo.com .  Here you will be able to schedule your own appointment and pay for the fingerprinting process.  The total fee for fingerprinting is $99.25 and will be paid to MorphoTrust. 

    You will need two forms of identification on the day you are fingerprinted.

    Acceptable Photo Identification Documents:

    ·         U.S. Passport (unexpired or expired;)

    ·         Unexpired Foreign Passport;

    ·         Perm. Resident Card;

    ·         Driver’s License or Photo ID Card (issued by US State or Territory ;)

    ·         U.S. Student ID Card with photo (High School or College; or

    ·         Photo ID card issued by Federal, State or Local Government.


    Additional Identification Documents:

    ·         Voter Registration Card;

    ·         U.S. Military  Card;

    ·         Military Dependent’s ID Card;

    ·         U.S. Social Security Card;

    ·         Original or Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate issued by authorized US agency with official seal; or

    ·         Canadian Driver’s License.



    Information provided to MorphoTrust during the fingerprint application process is electronically transmitted to the TEACH system maintained by NYSED. 

    LOCATION LISTING​  (please visit the above website for more locations)
    KINGSTON LOCATION:  130 N. Front Street
                                           Kingston, NY 12401​
    ​                         HOURS:     
    Mon & Wed
    ​ ​
    10:00 - 3:00
    Thu & Fri
    ​     1
    0:00 - 6:00
    E/O Sat
    ​  ​    
    10:00 - 2:00

Last Modified on September 23, 2016