•    I grade work on a point system, meaning not all assignments are out of 100%. The amount of total possible points each assignment/quiz/test is worth usually depends on how much work or effort is required to complete it.
    General Guidelines
    • Homework assignments are not usually worth more than 20 points. They are worth 20% of a student's average.
    • Quizzes are usually worth between 20 and 50 points. They are worth 35% of a student's average.
    • Tests are usually worth between 50 and 100 points. They are worth 45% of a student's average.
       I keep track of all grades in my electronic grade book (Schoology), which automatically weights each assignment based on how I label it. I also use Google Classroom; although, my grade book on Schoology is the most up-to-date record of assignments. 
    Every student has access to their grades through the "Schoology" website. (www.schoology.com) This assists in responsibility and accountability. It also allows students (and parents) to keep track of their progress.
Last Modified on September 22, 2021