• 7th Grade Mixed Chorus

    Winter Concert cancellation memo:
    If school is closed in the morning due to bad weather, the concert is postponed. All school functions are cancelled for that day.
    If there is a 2 hour delay, but we report to school - the concert should proceed as originally scheduled. Listen carefully to afternoon announcements.
    If we attend school, but get sent home early - concert is postponed. Listen carefully to afternoon announcements. All afterschool activities are cancelled.
    When in doubt - check my "Welcome" page. If I have power, I will post a cancellation notice from home.
    Concert Dress: solid White on top, solid Black on bottom. Guys - dressier shoes rather than sneakers; ladies, keep the heels low! School dress code applies!
    Report time on 6:45 PM in the Chorus Room, 436.
    We start the concert at 7:00 PM. It is expected that you will stay for the entire concert. Following you is the Girls Chorus, the 8th & 9th Grade Chorale and the Senior High Choir closes the performance.
    Conduct on stage and in the audience is expected to be exemplary at all times. We have discussed this at great length. Remember - no calling to people, clap only at appropriate times, no talking, no cell phones (it is a school event - all school rules apply). Treat others with respect , just as you want to be treated.
    Attendance is mandatory for all performances, but I hope you would want to attend regardless! You sound good and I look forward to a fine performance.

Last Modified on December 13, 2016