• Where to order music...

    from a local retailer:
    MusicWorks (845) 246-3910
    Barcone's (845) 331-6089
    John Keal (518) 482-4405 or (800) 544-6631

    on the web..... jwpepper.com, sheetmusicplus.com or hickeys.com; flutists, check out fluteworld.com

    or call J.W. Pepper at 1-800-345-6296

    Hickeys at 1-800-422-5397 

    Feel free to shop anywhere you like! These are only suggestions.

    Information you will need to place your order:
    1. Title
    2. Instrumentation (ex. clarinet and piano)
    3. Composer (and arranger if applicable)
    4. Publisher
    5. The number of copies you require. If there is a piano part, the judge can read off of that - only order one copy. If it is a true solo (no accompaniment), unless you can borrow a copy from someone - you will need to order two copies!


    Be sure to ask whether the piece is in stock! If not, when is it expected? Remember, you need original copies (not photocopies) for NYSSMA. Your music must arrive in time for the Festival! If you buy a downloadable copy (copies?) you must present the receipt at NYSSMA or you will be disqualified.

    See your teacher if you have any questions!


Last Modified on September 9, 2020