Chemistry Syllabus

    Mr. Robinson

    Materials Needed:
    For Class:     Three ringed binder ( 1 inch or larger) with lined paper
                          a simple four function calculator (can not use graphing calculators)
    Lab:              Composition notebook

    Chemistry Class

    This class is a regent’s level class and is designed to challenge students.  The class follows the N.Y.S. Regent’s Chemistry Curriculum and culminates with a comprehensive Regent’s exam.   Success in this course and on the exam is dependent upon dedication and hard work by the students.  Students will not be able to “wing” this course. Those who are struggling must stay after for extra help and spend time each night studying at home.  Each new concept we learn is built off the previous, therefore each concept needs to be understood.   Attendance is probably the most crucial element to success in this course.




    Grades are calculated using a total point system, i.e., a 25 question test is worth 25 points, a 10 question quiz is worth 10 points. The weight of each category is approximately:


                                    Quizzes:      30%

                                    Tests:          50%

                                    Lab:            10%

           Homework:  10%   

    Chemistry Lab


    Labs are typically graded in the following format:


    Prelab Discussion: 20pts

    Procedure: 20pts

    Observation/Data: 20pts

    Calculations: 20pts

    Questions/Conclusion: 20pts


    I need to be able to read the labs in order to grade them, so neatness and legibility is crucial. If a student can not hand-write an acceptable lab report, them it should be done on a compter and printed.

    The laboratory is designed to be hands-on and student-oriented.  Students will be challenged to apply their knowledge of chemistry to laboratory activities.  Note:  Sometimes students are used to having instructions, procedures, and answers given to them without first trying to figure it out for themselves.  The laboratory activities are designed to overcome these rote practices and increase their critical thinking skills.

                    The laboratory is a requirement of New York State Dept. of Ed.  Students are expected to keep a notebook exclusively for lab, which will be collected at the end of the year.


    Behavior in the Lab

                    Due to the dangerous nature a chemical laboratory, students are required to follow all common-sense rules of safety in the laboratory.  Any student who behaves in a manner which is inappropriate and/or a danger to other students will be removed from lab and therefore will not be able to meet the lab requirement for regent’s credit.


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