• Vowel Team Sounds

    ai, ay, eigh - Long  A

    ee, ey - Long E 

    igh - Long I

    oa, oe - Long O

    ue, eu, ew - Long U (both)

    ui - Long U (second choice)


    oi, oy  coin boy
                                                coin                boy
    au, aw  august  saw
                                              August                       saw


    ow - snow plow
                                                      snow plow
    ou - trout soup
                                                             trout soup
    oo -  school house   book
                                                          school                                              book
    ea -chef hatbread steak
                                          eat                                         bread            (with)          steak
    ie - piece of pie
                                       piece of pie
    ei - ceiling veins
                                               ceiling                                       vein
Last Modified on May 16, 2017