• Technology Curriculum

    Curriculum Categories

    ·         Rights and Responsibilities

    ·         Basic Computer Functions

    ·         Internet Safety

    ·         Computer Applications

    ·         Power /Limitations (In life: Work; Plan; Learn)

    ·         Best Research Practices: Source and Validity

    ·         Plagiarism/Copyright



    21st Century Education includes a more refined Focus and Understanding for Technology

    ·         21st century Jobs demanding work environments that have:

    1.       Complex Communications

    2.       Expert Thinking

    3.       Collaborative work environments

    4.       Highly creative work environments

    5.       Large and far ranging distribution networks

    ·         Jobs will look like:

    1.       Bioinformatics

    2.       Homeland Security

    3.       Nanotechnology

    4.       E-business

    5.       Organic  agriculture

    6.       Media (audio /visual/textile)

    Partnership’s website at www.21stcenturyskills.org


    Understanding Your Grade Level Technology Curriculum 

     Rights and Responsibilities 


    Understanding: Students must follow rules and guidelines regarding proper computer use and handling.


    o   Care for and leave equipment ready for next user; make efficient use of resources

    o   NO eating or drinking around computers

    o   Don’t be wasteful with paper and ink

    o   Wash hands before use and after sneezing or coughing into hands

    o   Describe the need for protection of software and hardware from vandalism

    o   Model ethical behavior  and acceptable practice in use of technology and technological resources

    o   Discuss consequences of inappropriate use of technology under acceptable use policy.

                Basic Computer Functions

    o   Work independently at computer

    o   Use basic terminology related to computers and technology

    o   Demonstrate proficient keyboarding skills

    o   Demonstrate competency in skills relating to the proper care of technology equipment

    o   Develop and understanding of a “window”

    o   Move between programs

    o   Navigate tool bars

    o   Save and delete files

    o   Demonstrate cutting, copying, and pasting techniques



     Internet Safety  

    (An important topic that technology brings to the classroom is equal and controlled access):  

    ·         Posture: back and arm positions

    ·          use is positive and productive

    ·         The internet or Web is a real live community: Kid Friendly Search Engines:

    1.       Quintura For Kids – http://kids.quintura.com/

    2.       KidsClick http://www.kidsclick.org/


    ·         The same rules of personal safety are applied when in the cyber community as when in the community that the child lives.  Possible source for cyber safety is “Faux Paw’s” Keeping children safe online with Faux Paw’s adventures in the internet, written by Jacalyn S. Deavitt and Sally Shill Linford. This book and accompanying CD  was produced by iKeepSafe.org.

    1.       Possible website address for more information:



     Computer Applications:


    Smartboard; Kidspiration; Education City; Spelling City; Reading A to Z; Starfall.com; Kid Pix deluxe 3; letter sounds; I Spy, Grammar Rock, Graphers, Math Blaster, shape up; United Streaming



    ·         Format text in the following ways: alignment, bold, italics, underline, font style and size, and spacing.

    ·         Demonstrate the following Word skills: tab key, thesaurus, Word Art, insert date, change margins, create numbered or bulleted list, use indents, cut, copy, and paste, change page orientation, add page numbers, open, save, print

    ·         Access school web site to acquire general school information

    ·         Use Excel to gather data, design/create spreadsheets, make charts and graphs displaying information contained in the spreadsheet, enter a formula, and display a formula

    ·         Independently create organizational charts/outlines using Kidspiration

    ·         Independently create multimedia presentation using PowerPoint

    ·         Create hypermedia projects

    ·         Import graphics into appropriate programs

    ·         Import/Export created graphics

    ·         Participate in basic journal writing through a Web log

           The New Internet



       Video on Demand


    Current Events in classroom


        Show Them The World 

     Google Earth – http://earth.google.com/ 

     Google Earth Lit Trips – http://www.googlelittrips.org/ 

     Map Puzzles –  http://www.yourchildlearns.com/map-puzzles.htm

     National Geographic For Kids http://www.nationalgeographic.com/kids/ 

    Efield Trips – http://www.efieldtrips.org/      





     Power/Limitations :

    (In life: Work; Plan; Learn)

      •  Discuss common uses of technology in daily life and the advantages and disadvantages those uses provide. 

      • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using computers to generate various types of products.

      •  Determine when technology is useful and select the appropriate tool and technology resources to address a variety of tasks and problems



    Best Research Practices:

    Source and Validity ( Truth /False of what you see and hear in the cyber community) 


    (Possible topics they can relate to: stealing music or movies without paying)


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