•         2019 - 2020 Welcome to First Grade!

    Here is a list of supplies so that your child will be prepared for First Grade!

    These following items can be labeled with your child’s name, except the tissues and wipes- we share them with the whole class. 



    ◻  glue sticks

    ◻ colored pencils

    ◻ yellow #2 pencils (preferably Ticonderoga- no plastic,

    decorated pencils)

    ◻ crayons (regular size NO Large crayons send one box in a


    ◻ highlighters

    ◻ erasers

    ◻ pencil sharpener

    ◻ scissors

    ◻ lunch box/snack box

    ◻ tissues

    ◻ disinfectant wipes 



Last Modified on August 19, 2019