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      Helping your Child Become a Successful Reader

      • Always read with expression.


      • Read aloud to your children. Be very enthusiastic about the books you read.


      • Talk about the book as you read with your child and after you have finished.


      • Stop from time to time to reflect on what has been read and to check for your childs understanding of it.


      • Identify the title, author, and illustrator.


      • Talk about the different Genres, and to which the story you are reading belongs to.


      • Encourage your child to read to you. Even if they are unable to read the book, let them tell the story in their own words. Have them pick out words they can read.


      • Focus on what the child CAN do and how much progress they have made.


      • If your child comes to a word that they do not know and asks for help, you can ask these questions;
        -Does the picture give you a clue?
        -What word would make sense here?
        -What letter does the word begin or end with?
        If this does not work and your child wants you to say the word, go ahead and do so rather than labor over it.


      • It is not necessary to correct every mistake. If your child makes a mistake but the story or sentence still makes sense, let it go.


      • It does not matter if your child memorizes parts of the story. That is an early stage in this process.


      • Encourage your child to point to the words as they read.


      • Give books as presents so that they become special and pleasurable.


      • Most importantly have fun and enjoy the time together !!!!!!



    Last Modified on June 22, 2012