September 10, 2016



    Dear "7th Grade Mixed Chorus" and "8th & 9th Grade Chorale" Parent/Guardian,


    I wish to extend a warm welcome to you and your child to the Music Program at Saugerties Junior/Senior High School. I apologize for missing you tonight, but being considered a Senior High Faculty member, I will attend the Senior High Open House on September 24. Please stop by the Music Wing if you are in the building that night so we can meet in person.


    7th Grade Mixed Chorus meets for the entire school year every other letter day, in preparation for two school concerts, fulfilling the seventh grade music requirement. The Chorus rehearses in two halves: one rehearsing period 4 on ACE days, the other rehearsing on BDF days during period 4. We have one combined in-school rehearsal before each of the two concerts. Mrs O'Neal is our piano accompanist. She is a senior high Social Studies teacher.

    8th & 9th Chorale meets period 5 in the Choir Room 436, every other day ACE, period 5. Mr. Yacullo (from the SH Computer Lab) will be our piano accompanist.  


    The Winter Concert is scheduled on 12/21/16 with a snow date of 12/22; the Spring Concert is 6/1/17. Both concerts are free to the public and begin promptly at 7 PM in our Auditorium. Your child will need to arrive slightly earlier for attendance and warm-ups. Concert attire is white on top/black on bottom and school dress code applies. More details will be sent home as the concerts draw near, and there is information on my page on the school website. Attendance at both concerts is expected and included in grading criteria. If I can assist with issues of transportation (car pooling) or concert attire, please let me know in advance.


    At the Junior/Senior High, we begin a more formal study of Music as an Art form. Choir students will be introduced to traditional singing technique (working on posture, breathing, etc.), music notation (reading notes and rhythms) and Sight-Singing (more appropriately called Solfege). An effort is made to select music literature that will reflect different styles, eras, and cultures. We will conduct a brief study of the different features, the lyrics, composers, etc. of the pieces we will rehearse.


    There will be a few written class assignments throughout each quarter, as well as some brief Solfege quizzes during the year. I give forewarning of when students will need pencils and paper, but it is strongly suggested that they bring their backpack to class so they are always prepared. Above all, students should be mindful that participation in rehearsals and at concerts is of primary importance.


    Skills acquired in Performing Arts classes not only benefit the child’s ability in that Art, but also teach and reinforce important life skills such as teamwork, creative & improvisatory thought, independence, problem solving, self expression, self discipline, the list goes on….


    I look forward to working with your child this year and hope they find chorus to be a rewarding experience. Should you or your child have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach me at mtrees@saugerties.k12.ny.us or leave a message on my voice mail at 247-6650 extension #6749.


    Sincerely yours,





    Marisa Trees

    7th Grade Mixed Chorus

    8th & 9th Chorale

    Senior High Band

    Music Department Chairperson




Last Modified on December 21, 2016