• Mount Marion Playground Safety Rules

    Basic Rules

    1. Follow all basic school rules:

    Be courteous and respectful

    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

    Be respectful of adults and others

    2. At Lunch Recess, no running to or from the playground equipment.

    3. No running on the playground equipment or wood chips.

    4. No other play equipment on the big playground (e.g. - NO balls, jump-ropes, etc.).


    Proper Attire

    1. Only sneakers or rubber-soled, flat, closed-toe shoes are allowed on playground equipment.

    2. No long skirts on the climbing equipment.

    3. No hanging, dangling scarves (i.e. - safe clothing only).


    Safe Usage

    1. Use all equipment in the manner it was intended.

    2. No jumping off the platforms.

    3. Bridge: no jumping

    4. Stepping Stones are for stepping only. No jumping.


    Slide Rules

    1. Use slides safely: sit and slide feet forward.

    2. No walking up slides.

    3. Only 1 person on a slide at a time.


    Monkey Bars Rules

    1. Monkey Bars are 1-way: from the ladder to the platform, only for 2nd grade and up.


    Purple Climbing Gym

    1. No jumping off the top level.


    Camel Climber

    1. No standing on top rungs.

    2. No jumping off the climber.



    1. Use swings safely; sitting and pumping facing the building only (students are not to push other students on the swing).

    2. One child per swing. If you are waiting for an available swing, you must wait behind the barrier.

    3. You may enter from the rear only (do NOT cross in front of another swing).


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Last Modified on September 16, 2013