1. Appropriate Clothing
        -Clothing needs to be different from what you wear to school that day.
        - Sneakers - must be tied for class
       - Longsleeve or shortsleeve T-shirts or sweatshirts to. NO TANK TOPS OR SLEEVELESS SHIRTS.   
       - You must follow the dress code.

    2. Jewelry
       - Jewelry may not be worn in class due to safety reasons.
       - You may give it to your teacher for safe keeping.
    3. Medical Conditions
       - If you have a doctor's note, you must bring it to the nurse's office.
       - Parents may write a note for you not to participate, but if it becomes a habit, we ask that you see a  
       - Dr's notes excuses you from class, but you may participate any way you are able to in order to get
       credit for that class.  For example: keeping score, helping with recording or equipment.
       - Classes that you miss due to a parent excusing you, need to be madeup afterschool in intramurals,
         during study halls, or during lunch period.
    4. Being unprepared
       - This is when you do not bring your clothes for class.
       -After the 3rd time, your teacher will write you a referral.
       -You lose 10 points  from your grade for every unprepared.
       -Unprepared classes can be made up within the same unit that he/she was unprepared for.
    5. Make-ups
       -You can make up one class per school day, with an additional day being made up 9th per.
       -Absences need to be made up. You can come in during intramurals (9th period), study halls, or lunch.  If you make up a class during your lunch period you will have the last 10 minutes at the end of class to go to the cafeteria and get lunch.
       -You will have 2 weeks from the time of you absence to make up class.  After the two week period the absence will remain as a part of your grade.
    6. Valuables
       -Valuables should not be brought to class, but if you do bring something of value, the school district is not responsible if it gets stolen.
       -You can give the valuables to your teacher to lock up for the period.
    7. Lockers
       -You may bring in a pad lock if you are on a sports team.  The lock can remain on the locker for the entire sport's season.
       -Lockers must be signed out with you teacher.
       -Clean out your locker after the season.
       -Not allowed in the locker room during the school day.  It is not to be used as a school locker.
    8. Gum
       -Gum is not allowed in class.
    9. Fire Drills
       -The fire exit is by the boy's locker room.  Please exit as quickly as possible and we will meet out by the tree in the back parking lot.  We will then meet in our classes so that attendance can be taken.
    10. Student Athletes
       -Student athletes MUST participate in physical education in order to practice or play in a game that day.
    11. Electronic devices
       -Cell phones, I-pods, or any electronic devices are not allowed in class.
       -If a teacher sees it, it will be placed in a plastic bag with your name on it and sent to the main office.
    12. Grading
       -Physical Education is a semester class.  You will receive a final grade in both January and June.  NYS requires that you have two credits of Physical Education to graduate.  You can receive 1/4 credit each semester.  If you fail a semester, you then have a second PE class added to your schedule the following semester.
    13. Attendance
       -The students make out an attendance card the first day of each semester, on this card is a calendar for the entire semester.  The student is to hand in his/her card to their teacher at the begining of each class.  If they fail to hand in there card or they are not present to hand in their card they will be marked absent for that day.  Your student should be aware of the current grade at all times, if they look on their card they will see and unprepared for classes, lates, medicals, absences or any other missed classes.  
Last Modified on September 10, 2020