• Hardy-Weinberg Conditions Song

    You can't change the gene pool
    It's at equilibrium
    and you can't change it
    No mutations
    No migrations
    Random reproduction
    and a large population
    No natural selection
    These things change the gene pool
    and you can't change it
    You can't change the gene pool
    It's at equilibrium
    and you can't change it
    ,,,,,Or it's evolution.........


    Oops, I did it again,

    Eliminated a gene,

    It was by random chance,

    Oh baby, baby,


    Oops, It’s genetic drift,

    I changed the gene pool,

    I didn’t mean to,

    Oh baby, baby,


    Oops, I did it again,

    In small populations,

    No more purple tails,

    Oh baby, baby, Oops

    Transcription Song
    Making RNA is called transcription
    It takes place in the nucleus
    Add a G-cap and a poly-A tail
    Splice out introns with a splicesome............. snRP!
    mRNA is now mature
    Don't forget what you just heard 
    Proteins are made of these,
    Who am I to disagree?
    Amino Acids, That's what I mean.
    Everyone wants to use them,
    Enzymes, Hormones, Muscles too.
    Proteins....... Amino Acids
    Methylation Song
    Methylation, Methylation
    Tightens DNA, Tightens DNA
    Now enzymes can't read them, Now enzymes can't read them
    No transcription, No transcription
    ****** And no proteins......*****
    Moss Song
    Mosses are weird, mosses are weird
    They are haploid, they are haploid 
    Gametophyte is dominant, gametophyte is dominant
    Nonvascular too, nonvascular too
    And Bryophytes.................
    The B-Cell Ballad
    This is my moment
    My antigen's come
    Im going to proliferate
    Make lots of little ones
    I'll make plasma B-cells
    Shoot off antibodies, kill them now
    I'll make memory B-cells
    Just sit in blood chillin'
    And if my antigen ever comes back
    There's gonna be some killin'
    Cause this is my moment,
    My antigen's come 
     Cell Division Cheer
    Mitosis! The same! M-I-T-O-S-I-S
    ETS Rap
    Electrons jumpin'
    Protons pumpin'
    Makin' ATP
    True Dat
    Steroids are Lipids
Last Modified on February 12, 2020