• Mr. Javsicas  
    Special Education Teacher in the Junior Alternative Learning Program (JALP).   

    Office Hours: 

    - Monday-Friday - 7:30-11 and 11:45-3:00
         - During these times, I am going to be near a computer and can respond promptly.
         - This is also when I'll have meetings and such, so sometimes it will take a few minutes.
    - Students: please reach out to me via email, Google Classroom, or Google Hangouts! 
    - Parents: please use any of the above or the Remind app. 

    Remote Learning: 

    - I will send out messages that are useful for parents via Remind, but please feel free to call or text or email to reach me. Consider my "office hours" from 7:25-3, but feel free to email or text outside those times.
    - Make sure students can get into Google Classroom and they have accepted invitations to all sections.
          - Don't forget that to log in from home they will need to add the @saugerties.k12.ny.us extension.
          - For example, I would use djavsicas@saugerties.k12.ny.us.
          - Then, use the same password as for the Chromebooks at school (which they have all done a billion or so times). 
    - I will be reaching out to you regularly, but please don't be shy about seeking me out as a resource whenever I can be helpful, even if it is for a class for which I am not the primary teacher. 
    Stay healthy and safe! I miss my crew!

    Contact me!  I always enjoy hearing from parents and students. 

      - Remind app: reach out to me to get invited and we can exchange texts through this app. 
       - School phone: 247-6561 and ask for David Javsicas.  They are very good at tracking me down. 
       - In person visits/conferences: schedule visits through the guidance office or through me.  I'd love to have you come by!  Generally, 8:35-9:15, 11:00-11:40, and 2:15-3 are my best times, but if that doesn't work, we'll figure something out.
       - Yellow letter: these classroom progress reports come home weekly for a signature, so feel free to add a note next to your signature before you send it back. I'll read it. 
Last Modified on April 9, 2020