Music Theory

Music Theory- offered next year 2022-2023

  • Music Theory Syllabus

    Mrs. MacDougall


    Welcome to Music Theory!  I will be using Google Classroom so please sign up for this class and complete all assignments by the stated deadline. The code is:

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    This course will explore the underlying, fundamental elements of music and how it applies to performing, listening, analyzing and composing.  This course is the SUNY Ulster 3 credit MUS 101-Music Theory 1.  Prior knowledge of music reading is required.  More information will be forthcoming if you are interested in registering for three college credits, from SUNY ULSTER.  In order to receive credits, you must pass the class and the final exam.  To be sure that your credits transfer, you must receive an A or a B in the class.  Other options may be available.

    Topics Covered: Fundamentals of music notation, musical construction and analysis, scales, modes, intervals, solfege, triads, cadences, non-harmonic tones and basic melodic structures.

    Activities: Improvisation, composition, analysis, rhythmic dictation, ear training, critical listening and performance.

    Books:  Music in Theory and Practice Volume 1- Bruce Benward; Chapters 1-6; Alfred M.T.

    Materials Needed: 

    Pencil, Highlighters, Music Theory Book and Workbook and a Binder with a take home folder inside (The music theory books will be provided) Instruments are needed for various activities and exams.  I will let students know ahead of time when their instruments should be brought to class.


    Students will be expected to complete all assignments according to the given due date.   


                   Classwork (Includes homework assignments)       25%

                   Quizzes                                                                            35%

                   Tests/Projects                                                                40%

    Classroom Rules


    1. Respect the teacher
    2. Respect others around you
    3. Respect materials


    1. Refrain from talking
    2. No gum chewing or eating
    3. Stay focused on the task given

    Classroom Expectations

    • Arrive to class on time
    • Be prepared with all materials
    • Give your best effort

    Online Rules

    • Dress code applies!!!
    • Video camera/sound is on and ready to go but mute until asked to unmute
    • All other household members are aware you are in class and should not be in the background.
    • A secondary device, especially essential for music students, is ready and charged


    I will be using Google Classroom so please sign up for this class and complete all assignments by the stated deadline. The class code is

    • Class code


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    • go to the blue bar at the top and select teachers and select Mrs. MacDougall

    We will not be using Remind this year!

    Music Theory -Units of Study

    Chapter 1- Notation

    Chapter 2- Scales, Tonality, Key, Modes

    Chapter 3- Intervals and Transposition

    Chapter 4- Chords

    Chapter 5- Cadences and Non-Harmonic Tones

    Chapter 6- Melodic Organization

    Upon completion of this course students will be able to: 

    1. Construct all major and minor scales
    2. Construct and identify all major and minor key signatures
    3. Construct and identify all intervals
    4. Construct and identify major, minor, augmented, diminished, and 7th chords
    5. Construct and identify tonal cadences
    6. Write and identify non-harmonic tones


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