• The main purpose of Resource class is to provide opportunities for skill remediation. Through an established routine, students will work to improve reading, writing, math, critical thinking, organizational, and other skills. I will be pre-teaching and re-teaching skills taught in some classes as well. It is important for students to understand that Resource is like any other class, not a study hall or social time.

     Resource class provides the following:

    • An environment that accounts for testing modifications and individual student needs
    • Preparation for tests and quizzes, including Regents exams       
    • Clarification of classwork, homework, essays, and long-term projects
    • Remediation of skills relating to area(s) of disability
    In order to be successful, students need to:
    • Keep track of daily assignments using the following:
      • Remind app
      • online platform (teacher website, Google Classroom, Schoology, etc.)
      • taking a picture of assignments written on a white board
      • maintaining an assignment notebook
    • Complete all homework, make up work, and test/quiz corrections
    • Study for tests and quizzes, at home and in Resource class
    • Come to Resource class prepared with study materials and specific questions on assignments
    • Stay after school, as needed, with either their regular education teacher or Resource teacher

    I am available to stay after school with students any day that I do not have a meeting. If possible, students should let me know during the day if they plan to stay after.

Last Modified on September 6, 2021