• Students will be preparing to take one or more Regents test(s) in January and/or June. It is absolutely necessary that students take these tests seriously by preparing for them during as well as outside of school hours. It is not uncommon for students to have to repeat these tests two or more times. Students in my Academic Reinforcement classes will prepare for these tests if a retake is necessary. Typically, students take the Living Environment and Algebra Regents in 9th grade, Global History Regents in 10th grade, and the English and U.S. History Regents in 11th grade. Some students will take additional Regents tests as they elect to take additional Regents-level classes. Your child’s teachers will be preparing them for their respective tests throughout the entire school year by way of quizzes, tests, essays, etc. that incorporate previously used Regents questions. It is crucial that students use these opportunities all year to familiarize themselves with the Regents material and structure.



Last Modified on March 23, 2020