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    Voice I, II &III Class Syllabus

    Mrs. MacDougall


    Welcome to Voice class! 

    This course will emphasize the correct vocal techniques used in solo and ensemble singing. Through various vocal exercises and songs, students should deepen their understanding of the voice, creatively express the meaning of the lyrics, sing a solo with confidence and vocal freedom, increase their sight singing ability and connect with others through music.  Students will be given several opportunities in class to sing as a soloist.  Students will also be highly encouraged to sing at the NYSSMA solo festival at Kingston High School tentatively on either Friday, April 22nd or Saturday, April 23rd!  Students enrolled in this course must be a member in one of our school choirs!  

    Topics Covered: Breathing, Posture, Vocal Anatomy, Music Analysis, Performance, Vocal Music Terminology, Foreign Languages, Basic Music Theory, Sight Singing

    Musical Books:  The songs that we study during class will be provided and should be kept in a binder.  If a student would like to perform other songs, they must purchase their own copies.   

    Materials Needed:  

    • Pencil 
    • Highlighter 
    • 2 Inch Binder
    • Reinforcements
    • 5 Binder dividers


    Students will be expected to complete all assignments according to the given due date.  Homework will include memorizing lyrics, practicing solo songs at home, practice recordings, basic music theory worksheets , audio or video submissions and studying musical terminology.  Students will be required to audio/video tape themselves singing a solo at least twice per quarter. This recording should be sent to my school email. It is a graded assignment.       


    Classwork (Includes homework assignments and binder checks)         25%

    Quizzes                                                                                          35%

    Tests                                                                                              40%

    Further description on the “Outline of Assessments” section on page 3

    Important Dates

    • NYSSMA Solo Festival- Tentatively Friday, April 22nd and Saturday, April 23rd at Kingston High School
    • Spring Recital-  Tentatively Monday, June 13th at 7pm at SHS Auditorium

    Classroom Rules


    1. Respect the teacher
    2. Respect others around you
    3. Respect materials 


    1. Refrain from talking
    2. No gum chewing or eating
    3. Stay focused on the task given

    Classroom Expectations

    • Arrive to class on time
    • Be prepared with all materials
    • Give your best effort


    1. Google Classroom

    Voice Class I code 

    • upynlny

    Voice Class II

    • Voice Class II code

    Voice Class III

    • Voice Class III code

    2. Email-

    3. Website -go to

    4. Automatic Text Reminders-Using your cell phone, please text -@saugvoice to this phone number 81010.  *It is important that you sign up, as I will remind you of tests and assignments.

    Upon completion of this course students will be able to:  

    1. Sight sing according to their appropriate NYSSMA level
    2. Perform a solo using the correct rhythm, melody, breathing, artistic expression and vocal techniques
    3. Increase their stage presence, posture and confidence
    4. Construct and identify various musical elements throughout their songs of study
    5. Understand the contextual meaning of various songs from classical vocal literature
    6. Apply their understanding of the voice to produce a healthy, free tone quality without straining or pushing the voice.
    7. Increase their music theory skills
    8. Increase their knowledge of vowel and consonant production to create a beautiful tone quality
    9. Increase their appreciation of various musical styles and genres  

    Voice Class Outline of Assessments

    Quarter Assessments for Voice Class


    • Song Analysis #1
    • Song Analysis #2
    • Practice Recording /Video #1-for Voice III students
    • Practice Recording/Video #2-For Voice III students
    • Participation
    • Binder


    • Rhythm Check #1
    • Rhythm Check #2
    • Sight Singing #1
    • Sight Singing #2
    • Music Basics Quiz


    • Song Test #1-Song must be performed for Mrs. MacDougall with an accompaniment and by memory
    • Song Test #2 -Song must be performed for Mrs. MacDougall with an accompaniment and by memory
    • Optional Choice Song if other two are completed/NYSSMA Solo
    • Other Performances (NYSSMA Solo and Recital Participation are two individual test grades for Quarter 4)

    Required Performances for Voice Class

    Voice Class 1

    • Required Performance at the Spring Recital- Levels 1-4
    • Optional Performance at NYSSMA Solo Festival

    Voice Class II

    • Required Performance at NYSSMA solo Festival Levels 5 or 6
    • Required Performance at the Spring Recital

    Voice Class III

    • Required Performance at NYSSMA solo Festival Level 6 All State
    • Required Performance at the Spring Recital
    • Repertoire list of songs for auditions- various styles and typed
    • Require Mock Audition Preparation

    Three contrasting songs-one song in Italian, one song in another foreign language and one song in

    Voice Class Syllabus

    Please sign below that you have read this syllabus and will support your child in Voice class this year.  Please return this form to Mrs. MacDougall by September 17th.  

    I look forward to working with your child this year and will do my best to help them reach their full potential in singing.  Please feel free to contact me throughout the year if you have any questions or concerns!  Thank you!

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    Dominus Deus

    The Lass With The Delicate Air

    Ave Maria


    Santa Lucia

     To the Sky

    Santa Lucia High

    I Feel Pretty

    Below in the Valley-key of G

    Below in the Valley-key of E flat

    One Hand, One Heart

    the Lark in the Clear Air-Baritone

    The Sandman

    The Sandman-key of G

    Simple Gifts

    Amazing Grace 

    The Lark in the Clear Air



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