• Welcome to Grade 7 and Grade 8 Mathematics with Mr. Omura

  • Contact Information


    E-mail: pomura@saugertie.k12.ny.us

    Phone: (845) 247-6561 x2603


  • Assignments:

    All assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.

    Some assignments may be from the text book while others may be handouts.

    Please check the google classroom regularly.

    Apart from assignments, I post videos, notes, and apps in the Google Classroom.

    Students are encouraged to watch the supplementary videos and to use the apps to enhance their understanding of concepts.

    Class Codes:

    Period 1: eoar4lc

    Period 2: pezf6mo

    Period 3: iiwgivh

    Period 6: 2m2zlrc 

    Period 8: wh4vdea

    Course outline

    Grade 7

    Grade 7 Accelerated

    Grade 8


  • Extra Help

    Students who need extra help are encouraged to stay after with me during ninth period. I am available on Tuesday's and Thursday's.

    Once again, there are supplemental videos for students to watch in the google classroom. 

    I have included playlists with videos in my youtube channel: Mr. Omura's youtube channel

Last Modified on September 28, 2021