• Welcome to Math 8

    with Ms. Zmiyarch!

    You can call me Ms. Z :)

  • Contact Information:

    Email: jzmiyarch@saugerties.k12.ny.us

    Phone: (845) 247-6561 x2603

    Need to stay after?

    I am available for extra help after school until 3 PM

    on Tuesdays & Thursdays

    Need to schedule a conference?

    Team D meets everyday during period 3 (9:17-9:58)!


    Course Materials

    • iReady Workbook (stays in classroom)
    • Scientific Calculator (all students were assigned a #)
    • Pencils
    • 2-pocket folder for papers





    • iReady
    • DeltaMath.com
    • EmathInstruction.com
    • Desmos.com 
  • Google Classroom

    We will be working in the iReady workbook on a daily basis.  These workbooks will remain in the classroom each night.  I will be posting the workbook pages and the answer key to the notes in Google Classroom every day.  If you are struggling with a homework assignment, please refer to our Google Classroom to review the notes from class.


    Google Classroom Codes

    Period 1: un5sa7m

    Period 4: iq2bdj3

    Period 5: hoikp6p

    Period 6: wl4lkmg

    Period 7: iric5gw

  • Grading

     Final averages will be calculated as follows:

           Total Points Earned divided by Total Points Awarded

    Each assignment will be worth a different amount of points

    I will collect 1-3 assignments per week (HW, digital activity, quiz, test, etc.)

    Students should stay on top of their assignments

    Check GC for all assignments/weekly agenda


  • Course Topics

    Unit 1: Geometric Figures: Rigid Transformations & Congruence

    Unit 2: Geometric Figures: Transformations, Similarity, & Angle Relationships

    Unit 3: Linear Relationships: Slope, Linear Equations, & Systems

    Unit 4: Functions: Linear & Nonlinear Relationships

    Unit 5: Integer Exponents: Properties & Scientific Notation

    Unit 6: Real Numbers: Rational Numbers, Irrational Numbers & the Pythagorean Theorem

    Unit 7: Statistics: Two-Variable Data & Fitting a Linear Model


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